It all started so innocently.

I said I would never, ever do this. Never.

How could I possibly have time? Most days it seems that I don’t even have time to sit down. It’s hard enough to juggle three children, all of my everydayMOM duties, a home business and a traveling husband. How could I work one more thing into my life without losing my children in a mountain of dirty laundry or letting their daily diet slip even one notch below corn dogs with a side dish of tater tots?

Then, my friend, A Musing Mom, told me about hers. I would peek just once in a while. And I mean once in a WHILE. We’re talking months would go by before I would remember to take another look.

Soon, I noticed all sorts of people all around me were doing it. Most of them attended my church. I was starting to feel a bit like an outcast when I would overhear tidbits of conversations that everyone else seemed to know all about.

Well, everything changed when my new MacBook came into my life. I spend lots of time eating dinner alone. Not exactly alone. I mean, my three kids, ages 2, 4 and 6, are usually with me. But my husband travels a lot and when he’s not traveling, his commute doesn’t put him home at a very kid-friendly dinner hour. So, as far as adult conversation goes, I’m usually just talking to myself.

Don’t get me wrong. I do talk to my kids. I even try to spark conversations about their favorite memory or their goals in life or how they could improve in certain character traits. And I try my best to join in on their conversations, which usually seem to involve a riveting discussion of which SuperHero is most powerful.

But now with MacBook in my life, I was starting to notice the multi-tasking potential of a previously lone activity — eating! What a great chance to catch up on my e-mail… or maybe read someone’s blog? And I started to get a little addicted.

Hmmm. I wonder what So-And-So has been up to? Hmmm. I wonder what her friend is doing?

It got worse. I started writing my own blog in my mind as I went about my daily routine. “Oh, that was so funny. I should write it down!” I was becoming so preoccupied with what I WOULD blog if I DID blog that it was taking more time NOT to blog than it would to just BLOG!

So, here I am. Joining the crowd. One of the people who do this.

If you happen to see one of my children roaming around with dirty feet searching for a green vegetable to eat, could you please send him or her home right away? I’ll put the MacBook away, I promise!

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