I loved second grade. I loved my second grade teacher. I loved my second grade classroom and my second grade friends.

But I have to admit second grade hasn’t been as fun the second time around. It’s been harder. A LOT harder.

I know second grade was a long time ago for me. But it seems like I was basically learning to read fluently. Learning some addition and subtraction. Playing dodge ball and Red Rover in PE. Going to recess. I remember sliding my tray along the lunch line in the cafeteria at Silver Street School and handing over my ticket to get a little carton of 2% milk. But that’s about it.

Second grade was an easy life.

This time around, second grade seems much harder. This time, I am going through it with MY second grader, and I don’t remember ever learning HALF of the things he’s learning. Not in second grade, or third, or sixth, or freshman year of high school or even in college. I have absolutely no recollection of ever learning some of this stuff … until now.

So, here’s the study guide we are reviewing for tomorrow’s history test. You might wonder why I have typed it up. Believe it or not, it’s not just for the blog. I lovingly type in all of the history questions so my cute little 7-year-old can practice for the test. Amazingly enough, he does know most of the answers. More than I can say about myself!

Here it is: The Persian Empire

What two civilizations finally defeated the Assyrians?



What new nation became stronger and stronger and began as a tribe of shepherds?

What did King Astyges of Persia do with his grandson?

Who disobeyed King Astyges of Persia?

What was King Croesus known for?

Who became the fair king of Persia?

After the Persians conquered many countries and became the most powerful country, which country was the last to be conquered?

Why did Persia have an easy time conquering the Babylonian empire?

How was Cyrus the Great a fair king?

How large was the Persian Empire?

What year did Babylon fall to the Persians?

If you know at least one of the answers, you might not be as smart as a second grader. But you are definitely smarter than I am!

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