I decided I better update my blog quickly before some poor soul stumbled across my boy scout entry and assumed I was huddled on the floor holding my hands over my ears, screaming at the sound of my ringing phone.

As the saying goes, “Joy comes in the morning.” And it’s always true, isn’t it?

I haven’t fallen over the edge. I’m not struggling to keep my head afloat. I’m back up on solid ground, and the last day or so has been great!

I thought about deleting the evidence of my insanity. But I figured that wouldn’t be fair. I think that breaks some rule of blogging. Once you have admitted online that you are a normal person, you have to just go with it. No deleting.

Anyway, we’ve had some visitors the past two days, which always brings excitement. I’ve whittled my to-do list down to about six items. Experts say you shouldn’t have more than six items on your to-do list or you will feel so overwhelmed that you will slam the door in the face of little kids. And that’s why they call them experts, I guess.

Today started out early. Everyone was up well before 6 a.m. Usually, this isn’t my ideal start to the day. But this morning, instead of rushing everyone around reminding them to hurry up and put on socks, brush their teeth and find their jackets before my car pool buddy arrived, they were marching around with their cousin for a good hour shouting lines like, “TO THE MAGIC KINGDOM.”

I’m going to see if I can find it, too.

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