Ever have one of those days?

You know one of those days where you and your husband are talking about something that’s kind of serious. Like for example, how you really love to write and you love it so much you could update your blog five times a day but it seems sort of silly when you only have a handful of readers.

And then you and your husband start joking about how if you don’t get more readers you should QUIT! (As if this is a real job.) And then you start laughing more and more about how funny it would be if you DID write a letter of resignation because who would you write it to except the blog itself? And if you did, how sad would it be if no one even read it?

And now you’re laughing really hard because you resigned, but YOU were the only one who read that post! And how YOU are the only one who even reads your dumb blog anyway. And you think YOU are hilarious, and you actually laugh out loud at your own jokes.

Now, you are both giggling and you can’t stop. Because it’s sort of sad when you love writing, but you don’t really have many readers. And it’s sort of sad that other blogs seems to have gazillions of readers. And it actually IS sad how that makes you feel like a loser. But WHO CARES because it’s only a BLOG!?!?! So, instead of being sad, you might as well laugh about the whole thing!

So, then you decide it would be sooooo funny, if instead of resigning from your nonexistent job as a blogger if you actually got fired. Now, THAT would be funny if you were SO BAD that Google actually fired you!! (I realize now that if you don’t have a blog, which I didn’t until recently, you wouldn’t know that it’s completely free and open to anyone, regardless of how pathetic or infrequent their posts.)

Well, now you can’t even sleep because you are cracking up so much at this idea. And now your husband is completely asleep because he’s still jet-lagged from his month in China.

So, since you have nothing better to do (except maybe your laundry or some other household chore) you get out your laptop and write up this whole silliness.

But you are THINKING that because your few readers know you so well that they will know you are kidding. But you didn’t really think about it from THEIR perspective… how you’ve been going along this whole time writing serious stuff and all of a sudden, out of the blue, THIS! Because THEY weren’t even there when you and your husband were laughing about it for two hours. And it actually does seem plausible that you might quit given some of your more serious, whiny posts lately, most notably the boy scout one.

And then you feel HORRIBLE that your friends and relatives who you love and who actually love you are taking you seriously and even defending you!!

Oh, boy. Now, you are going to have to break the news that you were kidding and they might NEVER trust you enough to read your blog again. So you decide to blame it on your “other” personality.

Well… I don’t know if YOU’VE ever had one of those days, but I just did!

So, will you please forgive me if I made you mad?? I was just being silly.

And P.S. If you do have a passive-aggressive personality like I do, beware! When Ms. Passive and Ms. Aggressive have a war of words, it can get UGLY!!

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