I have a very serious question and I’m wondering if you all will help me out??

I’m not kidding… I really need answers here. So, even if you’re usually just a reader here, would you please, just this once, answer this question for me??

I’ve read a couple of blogs lately that made a statement I thought was kind of shocking. I’m trying to figure out if I have some sort of disease or mental illness or perhaps something went wrong in my genetic makeup.

So, here goes. Several other women have been blogging lately about how they HATE to shop for clothes.

Here’s the thing. I would say that one of my top five absolute favorite things to do is to shop for clothes. In fact, I love it so much that I have to restrain myself from doing it too much. I could cause our family some serious financial issues because of my constant and burning desire to shop for clothes.

Just this morning, I was out shopping at Sam’s (where, by the way, I spent $271 on groceries!! I hadn’t been there in several months. But is THIS normal?!?! Because the check-out guy, Joey, said, WHOA! when he gave me the total). Anyway, I’m going through Sam’s and thoughts keep running through my head like, “Just a package of socks… Maybe some new underwear… ANYTHING that is even slightly clothing-like would make me so happy right now!”

Clothes shopping is almost like a sport for me. I buy almost every single article of clothing that I own from one store: New York & Co. I know this isn’t that impressive. It’s not like Macy’s or J. Jill or Ann Taylor. But it works for me.

They say they have the perfect pant and in my opinion, they do. Their clothes don’t always last that long, and that’s fine. Because after a couple years, I’m tired of them anyway. And their style seems to fit me. I feel somewhat dressed up, but not too dressy. It’s gotten to the point I don’t even attempt to shop at any other stores except in a pinch when I will run into Kohl’s. (I know… again, I’m sounding kind of proletariat.)

The real clincher for NY&Co. is the coupons. They send me coupons almost every week. “Spend $50 and get $25 free” “Save $60 on a purchase of $150 or more.” I have a love-hate relationship with these coupons.

I hate them because I totally get their game. They mark up the prices and then make me think I’m getting a great deal. I love it because I enjoy trying to “show” them. That’s when I can swoop in at just the right moment and find some great deals and THEN use my coupon. I can usually walk out of there with several nice outfits, some jewelry and maybe even a pair of shoes for $90.

So, every new season, I usually go buy a few new “uniforms”. These are my two or three new outfits that I wear to my Discovery Toys parties, church, school functions and any social events.

Finally, the dressing room. I love trying on clothing. I could try on clothing for hours! This is like therapy for me.

I’m really not proud of this obsession. I don’t think it’s a good thing. But it’s a constant battle for me to restrain myself from buying new clothing! And that’s why I think its so interesting and amazing that other women actually HATE to shop for clothes!

If you are like me, will you tell me so I don’t feel so alone out here??

I’m also very curious why other women don’t like clothes shopping? Is it because things don’t fit right? Is it hard to find something that fits your style? Or is it just not something you want to spend money on?

Would you prefer to shop for cute clothes for your kids, rather than yourself? Or maybe eletronics? Or perhaps you have a hobby that is more tempting? Or do you love shoes, but just not clothes?

Really… I want to know! Will you tell me? Please???

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