It’s Christmastime in the city…

OK… this post has nothing to do with that, but I couldn’t think of a title.

I’ve had a bad headache today.

I actually had a really nice day. Got to hang out with a friend and have some good conversation. Got to gaze in the eyes of a really cute baby.

But when I woke up, I had this headache right on the top of my head. By late this afternoon it had moved across my whole skull, down to my neck, into my shoulders and across my back. One of those.

Well, four heating pads, two tylenol, one super hot bath, two swiss chocolates, one satin hands treatment and a parafin wax hand treatment later and the headache is nearly gone. Whew! This therapy can be kind of rough!

So, it’s obviously some kind of stress-related headache. And since I’m under almost no stress whatsoever right now, I can’t figure out what could be causing it.

I’ve made a serious dent in the Christmas shopping. The boys are pretty much done. There are so many cute girly things I want to buy for the little princess, that it’s just a matter of choosing one or two. I’m almost done with my Christmas letter/web site project. The last three people came by to pick up their toy orders today.

I even went out early this morning and found this cool “by number” set that was on sale for only $9.99. It includes paint by number, color by number, metal leaf by number… I’m thinking this will be one of my kids’ favorite Christmas gifts.

I always get them one little craft thing like this. One year it was decorative-edge scissors. The next year it was those beads that you make into a picture and then iron. It’s always the same: The huge train set or super expensive toy sits idly by while they work for hours on these little craft projects.

I’m secretly hoping though, that they will hate the color-by-number craft because I am so wanting to color it myself. Maybe they will at least share with me.

Do you see how EASY it is to buy a gift for me?!? I mean, seriously… I love so many dumb little things. Markers, pencils, puzzles… boots… those brown boots with the fur at the top… the fuzzy scarf.

But I’m thinking the headache is caused by constant brain-numbing, head-pounding, teeth-grinding thinking that has been going on night and day to come up with one single gift idea for everydayHusband. He’s just so darned CONTENT! He is so naturally happy and upbeat. He’s so laid back and pleased with life. He doesn’t seem to want or need any material possessions that he doesn’t already own.

He also doesn’t spend nearly enough time doing the things he loves to do. He loves to golf, but didn’t take out his clubs all year. He loves to mountain bike, but just when he started riding this year, he fell and had a serious injury, which knocked him out most of the season. He loves to cook big slabs of meat, but he already bought himself the cool Orion convection cooker that he wanted.

He travels. And I’ve already bought him every little gadget he could use to kill time — I mean, make the most of his time — on the plane.

So, I got nothing. And I know he’ll pretend to be really happy when he unwraps some nice warm socks and a couple of new shirts. But I would just love to give him a gift with a little more WOW! factor.

Does anyone else have this problem? Please help, or I might just have to go eat a few more chocolates.

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