Don’t you just love this time of year? I love these freezing cold days when we have no choice but to snuggle inside together. I love watching Christmas movies, drinking hot cocoa, playing games together and wrapping gifts. I love the fact that our kids “get it”. They understand that we have been given the greatest gift of all time, and that is why we have joy at Christmas.

Ahhh… I just had to get that off my chest.

Now, I did want to address something from my last post. I know I mentioned a few times that I had been soaking my hands and feet in my paraffin wax bath. I’ve been a little worried ever since that some of you, my dear friends and readers, might run out and buy a paraffin wax bath without understanding all of the hidden dangers and pitfalls to this type of appliance. (Appliance? That names seems so wrong, but I suppose that’s what you would call it?)

If you have dry skin, or if you get those little cracks on the sides of your fingers, or if you just want your skin to feel soft and smooth and great, the paraffin wax bath is AWESOME!

But I need to warn you about a few things:

Once you have soaked your hands in the paraffin wax bath, you will need to wrap them up and sit quietly for at least 15 minutes. During this time, if your children start arguing… let’s say, your boys get immersed in a rough light saber battle and start tackling each other… you will be rendered completely useless to break up the fight. You want to make sure you have another competent adult in the house, just in case something like this should occur.

Also, if it just happens to be time to clean up the kitchen or wash the dishes right when you have chosen to soak your hands, you won’t be able to help. You will have to sit idly by with your hands in the air. In fact, you might not want to get them wet for several hours after your treatment.

If you decide to soak your feet in the paraffin wax, you will not be able to walk at all for at least 15 minutes or maybe longer… maybe even hours. You will want to prepare yourself by possibly putting a box of chocolates right by your bed, along with a good book, just in case you get hungry or bored during this time.

After you have removed the wax, you might have a waxy build-up between your toes. If this happens to you, I would recommend that you sit down immediately. Please do not try to walk on a treadmill or do any other type of physical exercise, lest your feet are too slippery and you fall.

Finally, after you see how soft and smooth your hands and feet are, you will be taunted by an unbearable desire to stick your entire face in the paraffin wax. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, stick your head in the wax! This could result in severe burning and possibly even wax your eyes and mouth shut. I have heard stories, none of which have EVER happened to me, of husbands who have had to knock their wives to the ground to prevent them from sticking their face in the wax.

As a true friend and blogger, I had to tell you these things in advance. I just couldn’t sleep one more night without giving you all of the facts. Now, go. And if you choose to soak in wax, please do so with caution.

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