I get bored easily.

I like to rearrange the furniture. I love to paint the walls. I love to transform my wardrobe.

So, I was getting bored with the old everydayMOM. I enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out how techie things work, but I didn’t really have confidence that I could transform my blog into something quite as wild and crazy as what you see today. And if I’m going to redecorate, I like to make a statement!

Then, yesterday, I stumbled upon a blog that had the cutest backgrounds for free! Then, I bumped into this woman who gives the nicest little tutorials on how to redesign your blog. She gave a link to this guy, who gives every tip and trick you can think of to format your blog.

I started messing around. Then, I started having fun. Then, I got obsessed.

And here it is. (If you aren’t seeing my flowery, green background, by the way, then let me know! I know it doesn’t show up on the iTouch or Blackberry.)

I still have a lot of little tweaks and additions that will be coming soon. But, I seriously need to give my kids breakfast, so this will have to work for now!

If you hate it, don’t worry. This will most definitely be only one in a series of redesign efforts here at my blog. Because changing it up is half the fun.

And I’m sure I’ll be getting bored soon!

Well… I got bored sooner than I thought! The redesign only lasted one week and then I did another redesign, which is what you see now!

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