I was reading this blog today where the writer is encouraging other bloggers to write an entry on the topic of “Wishes”.

I don’t know if I will submit my entry on this topic, because my views aren’t exactly the beautiful prose that one might expect. I love to dream of the future and think about what I would like to achieve. But I don’t like the word “wish”.

To me, it carries the image of something I would like to happen, but I don’t truly believe it could ever become reality. I’m not actually taking any action to make it more than a dream. “I wish” I would lose weight. “I wish” I would make a new friend. “I wish” my business was going better. Instead of using that word, I encourage people to say, “I will”.

“I will” take an action step today toward meeting my goal.

Doesn’t that sound so much better? They say that convincing your brain that you are going to do something is the first step toward achieving your goal. I don’t think you can think something into existence, but I do agree that believing you can achieve something is the first step toward making it happen.

I’ve been carrying around a little book I’ve been reading when I have a few minutes throughout my day. It’s called, “The Greatest Salesman on Earth” by Og Mandino. I carried it somewhere last night and might have lost it since I can’t find it anywhere this morning! (I wish I could find my book!)

I wanted to quote directly from the book, but I will summarize.

The book is written as a fictional account of a young man who is learning to be a great salesman. He is given a chest containing the secrets of “the greatest salesman on Earth”. The first scroll asks him to read each piece of advice every day for 30 days before he opens the next scroll.

He is creating a new habit by reading the words over and over again, everyday. He is convincing his brain that these words are true. He is taking a small step every day toward what he wants to achieve.

The biggest thing that stands in the way of achieving a goal isn’t one’s intelligence, or ability or wealth or place in life, the book says. It is the habits that we have created that tempt us into wasting our time, eating bad foods, avoiding exercise, giving up on our dreams. It’s these little bad decisions that we make everyday.

I’ve been thinking about these words since I read them last night.

Achieving our dreams takes more than wishing. We have to create a plan and then create habits that we follow each day toward making it reality.

What do you think? Do you wish? Dream? Or set goals? And what about habits? Are you creating any good ones this year?

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