OK… I realize that if I post one more word about LOST that I will risk being diagnosed with OCD. However, I have to get this in print in case of the miniscule chance that I am correct so that I can go on record as the stay-at-home mom who solved the LOST mystery.

What if… all of the people on the Oceanic flight were actually born on the island?

What if… after the incident in which Dharma workers drilled holes into the huge time warping power source, all of the babies were removed from the island and left at various locations around the world?

What if… Sun is actually the child of Dr. Pierre Chang and she is the baby that he feeds in the opening segment?

What if… Charlotte is the mother of Daniel Faraday but because of his ability to travel through time, they end up the same age?

What if… in a Luke/Anakin Skywalker twist, Benjamin Linus is the father of John Locke but because Ben doesn’t age (like Richard) he seems younger?

What if… Charles Widmore and/or Ms. Hawkins used their manipulation to get all of these babies, who are now grown, onto the Oceanic flight at the same time? (Remember “the list” at the beginning and how they had to find the ones who were on the list?? These were the original babies.)

What if… they needed them all in one place to serve as “constants” for each other in the event the power source was released and they started traveling back and forward through time?

What if… the plan was successful, except for the fact that the Oceanic Six escaped the island?

What if… now that time and space have been altered, the only hope is to bring the remaining six back to the island?

What if? Why not?

I also wanted to go back to the opening segment of the show:

This is where Dr. Pierre Chang is waking up. I wanted to point out a few very interesting details. Did you notice that the numbers on his digital clock looked like the numbers in the Dharma station where Desmond had to push the button? It seems to be the same record player as the one Desmond used, too. (Not that any of this matters, but it seemed like they wanted us to notice those things.)

And excuse me, but what parent of a newborn has ever slept until 8:14 a.m.?

Dr. Chang identifies himself as Dr. Candle, Wickmund and Halliwax in previous videos. What’s with his obsession with candles and wax?

I had forgotten that Ms. Hawking was the woman who refused to sell Desmond the engagement ring. The link gives some great background.

And here is the identity of Neil, aka Frogurt.

I’m done now… I promise. New topic.

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