It started with a goal. Then a plan for each month.

Then came the family meeting. I couldn’t do it alone.

Next was the coloring chart. We needed a visual to track my progress. It was a great reminder for the whole family of where we were going.

One party booked. Then another. A toy sold. Then a thousand. Two thousand, three thousand. Twenty thousand.

A new consultant and another and another. A system to train them to sell a toy. And a thousand. Two thousand, three thousand. Thirty thousand.

By summer, it felt like it was time to quit. It’s so warm here.

But remember February. The temperature will be zero. Remember the beach and the pool. Acapulco.

Think of the dinners. And the friends. And the guy with the Discovery Toys sign waiting at the airport.

Remember the gifts waiting in the room each evening. And the laughs.

And the time together.

It’s almost time to go. It’s hard to believe. A great reward for a year of hard work.

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