There’s just something about our first born.

He and I have a way of being brutally honest with each other. We make each other laugh. And cry. And sometimes we just connect.

Like the other day when he told me: “Mom, remember back in first grade when I really didn’t like you that much?”

Um… no… I didn’t realize that you didn’t like me.

“Well, I’m really starting to like you now!”

Great!… I think??…

Then, there was last night. On Friday and Saturday I worked a Discovery Toys booth, which required me to lug about 10 huge bags of toys into a convention center, get up at 5 a.m. two days in a row and then stand on my feet for 12 hours straight each day, before tearing it all down and loading it back in my van. By the time I got home, my wimpy little bird-like body was pooped.

“I’ve got to get in better shape,” I moaned as I plopped down on the bed.

“You do, Mom! I’ll get your shoes!” little Mr. Always Energetic said. Moments later, he ran back with my running shoes.

I lifted one eyelid and laughed before falling asleep.

Today, we have been working on finishing the five days of homework that we missed while on vacation. This is our punishment for daring to leave the tundra and selflessly enjoying ourselves while visiting another country. Nevermind that we actually got to SEE Mexico, we need to STUDY the countries of Asia. (Just ignore my sarcasm.)

I try to use my best teacher sing-song voice when I’m helping him with the homework.

“OK, class! Let’s all sit in a circle!” I chirp, reading from the teacher notes.

He obliges by sitting in a one-person circle on the floor. At least, I think it was a circle. Might have been a square. Or a triangle.

“Guess what, Second Graders?!? Your teacher hates phonics! You get to take a break while I go take a nap!”


He gets me.

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