Ever since we returned from our vacation to Mexico, I’ve been trying to convince myself that living all YEAR long in a place where it’s sunny, warm and downright beautiful is overrated.

I mean, seriously…

If it was hot all year long, wouldn’t I miss the joy of spring flowers, budding trees and chirping birds?

If it was always summer, would I really appreciate getting away for vacation?

If it was always warm, would our minds grow dull? How would we ever finish homework?

It it was sunny everyday, would I grow tired of putting on sunscreen and want to stay indoors?

If it was summer all year long, would I miss hot cocoa, reading a book while snuggled under a blanket, or going for a brisk walk on a cold day?

If it was always beautiful outside, how would I concentrate to get my work done? Or clean my house?

If it was always warm, sunny and beautiful, wouldn’t I get bored with the never-changing temperatures?

If it was always summer, wouldn’t I miss Facebook, blogging and e-mail? I mean, I would be able to go outside to actually see and interact with people?

I don’t think so. But I’m trying to convince myself.

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