I learned a very important piece of information today, which I wanted to pass along.

This might only apply if you have a short haircut. So, if you do… When your hair starts getting too long and you need a hair cut, what part of your hair bugs you most?

Did you just reach up and grab your hair? That’s your trouble spot.

My very informative hairstylist, Shea, has used this trick on me many times. After four years with her, I now know that if she asks me how I feel about my hair, she is waiting for me to naturally reach up and grab the part that is bugging me. I have started sitting on my hands when she asks.

Today when I was getting my hair cut, Shea — whose real name is Amy, but whose haircutting name was Shea at an old salon because they already had an Amy, but who went back to being Amy at her new salon, but who I still call Shea — also told me that one side of our hair tends to grow faster than the other.

The part that grows fastest is the side you tend to sleep on.

So, I finally put it all together. My trouble spot is that part on the right side of my head. That’s the side I sleep on and, thus, it’s the part that grows faster. WHO KNEW!?

A few months ago, a professional photographer took my photo. She asked me which side was my good side. (Neither, I thought.)

“Ummm, I’m not sure,” I said out loud.

She took photos of me from both angles and then announced quite conclusively that my good side is my left side. I’m thinking now that it MUST be because I don’t sleep on that side as much, so my hair isn’t as long and messy over there and my face isn’t as smooshed.

I have a few other important pieces of information I would like to give you about dominant sides. But right now, I need to leave you with a question:

Even though it’s still cold outside, it’s starting to feel a bit more like spring. Do you think it’s OK to still wear my high-heeled boots? Or should I go with more of a springtime shoe? If you could answer this question within the next hour, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks and have a GREAT weekend!

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