Note to self: Please be careful not to write blog posts about showing forgiveness toward pizza places.

If you do decide to write such posts, please beware that:

The very next day you might have to pick up the pizza for the hot lunch program at your child’s school.

And when you arrive at the pizza place at 11:15, exactly when the pizzas are supposed to be done, you might notice the alarming lack of smell of fresh pizza.

And the worker might hurriedly look around a very small pizza shop, which clearly does not have 25 fresh pizzas hidden anywhere, and finally decide there are no pizzas.

And you might be told that the person who took your order wrote down the pick-up time as 11:50, not 11:15.

And you might start freaking out because you only have 15 minutes to get the pizzas to school and no pizzas have been made yet.

And you might say in a very harsh, loud voice, “Start making pizzas!”

And then you might have to pace the floor for the next 30 minutes while the workers make pizzas in record time.

And then the manager of the store might offer to give you a discount on the pizzas, but you will have to look at him and say, “It wasn’t your fault. It’s totally OK.”

And in the meantime, you might call the school 15 times to let them know the pizzas are going to be late.

And during that time, no one will answer the phone.

And by the time you arrive at the school with the pizzas, all of the other hot lunch moms, not to mention more than 100 students will be lined up staring at you, wondering where you were.

But you will have to forgive the office workers for not picking up the phone when you called.

And in the end, everyone will get pizza. And they will be happy. And a little first grader will say, “Excuse me, Mrs. Neal. Can I have a wet wipe?”

And you will look at the little boy’s face smeared with pizza and you will say, “of course.”

And maybe it won’t be such a bad thing after all.

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