How cool was that to get a completely Miles-centric episode? Miles has really been growing on me this season and I’ve been intrigued to find out more about his past. We got so many little nuggets in this episode of LOST.

OK, we knew that baby of Pierre Chang’s had some significance in the storyline. I was still hanging on to my belief it was Sun, but whoever predicted it was Miles gets some major kudos.

One of the most amazing points to the show for me was that we found out you can interact with yourself when you time travel without spontaneously combusting. Plus, so much more:

  • We got to see that the guy who grabbed Miles off the street is Bram, same passenger who turns up on the island with Ilana in last week’s episode.
  • Bram uses the same question, “Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?” to try to determine Miles’ depth of knowledge about the island.
  • We found out why Miles tried to bribe Ben last season for $3.2 million. Remember how Ben made fun of Miles for choosing such an odd sum of money?
  • We got to see how he was recruited by Naomi to go to the island.
  • We heard more about how Widmore created the fake remains of the original Oceanic flight.
  • And then in the biggest smack to the head, we see Daniel Farraday coming out of the submarine. And, no, it’s not a Daniel of the past, it’s a current day Daniel who knows Miles.

So, do you think Dr. Pierre Chang shared Miles’ ability to communicate with the dead and that is how Miles turned out the way he did? When Miles was asked to deliver a dead body to Chang, I was thinking that perhaps that was done so Pierre could find out how the dead man died.

Thank you to the writers for giving us a big dose of comic relief through Hurley this episode. He was able to psychoanalyze Miles’ father relations, explain his own unique ability to communicate with the dead, witness the branding of his numbers on the hatch and even write the script to The Empire Strikes Back. What more could you ask for out of Hurley in a mere one-hour show?

He had so many classic Hurley lines that I can’t even decide which one is best. But, “Ewoks, suck, Dude” had to be right up there.

And what did you think about the interaction between Roger Linus and Kate? It’s kind of weird how Kate and Jack have gone from being the stars of the show to these annoying background characters. If their acting wasn’t so bad, I think I would feel sorry for them.

Finally, I was happy for Miles that he did get to see that his father loved him in the end. I was suspicious of his mom’s story about his dad leaving them. I hope we get to find out what really happened.

What did you think? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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