All three of my children celebrate their birthdays within two months of each other, so I have been a little overwhelmed the past few weeks trying to plan parties, find the perfect gifts (on sale), and come up with ways to make them feel special.

Last week, my oldest son reminded me of some birthday traditions around here that had totally slipped my mind.

“I know we haven’t had any birthdays for a long time…” he began. (Um. Yes… it’s been a whole year since your last birthday!) “But do you think you could do that thing with the ribbons and the paper on the door?”

Ohhhhh…. He meant the streamers. I had forgotten a few of the simple things I always do on their birthdays (and my husband’s birthday). And I didn’t realize how much they meant to them.

Here are a few simple traditions around our house:

After the birthday person is sound asleep, I tape a big piece of wrapping paper to the outside of his or her door frame. The decorative part of the paper is facing the hallway. On the white side, I write a big birthday message with markers. When the child opens the door, he or she is excited to see the paper covering the door. She can either run through the paper or leave it up all day and crawl under it to get in and out.

I also try to hang streamers around the house, whether or not we are having a birthday at home.

I like to decorate that child’s chair with streamers, or in this case, with pink feather boas!

On each child’s birthday, it is his or her “day” to make all of the choices for the day. They get to decide what we will eat for lunch, where we will go for dinner and any other fun activities.

We also have a tradition of letting the birthday child open his gifts first thing in the morning. No waiting until after school or dinnertime around here!

These are simple things we do around here that make our children feel special on their birthday. It Works for Me!

So, what are your birthday traditions?

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