Dear Immune System, I miss you.

I’ve never been a typical mom when it comes to germ concerns.

I always have to ask someone else if I can use her little bottle of anti-bacterial soap when it comes time to eat lunch at the zoo. I never remember to bring my anti-bacterial wipes to the park.

My kids might play outside all morning and I completely forget to tell them to wash hands before lunch.

I know this is sending chills down the spines of some of my friends, who are self-proclaimed germaphobes.

I have always believed that the more my kids are exposed to germs, the more their bodies will develop their immune systems, and they will be better able to fight off illness as they get older. Isn’t that how God made us?

But I have to admit that all the news about the flu virus going around is really FREAKING ME OUT!

Every news report I read makes it clear that those in the top risk of serious complications from the flu include pregnant women. Women like me.

All of my years of eating with dirty hands aren’t helping me now. My immune system is weaker than normal. And there’s really nothing I can do about it.

I have been fighting a nasty cough all week and spent the entire day yesterday lying on the couch, drinking fluids and taking naps. My poor husband was trying to work from home, but ended up running up and down the stairs to help with the kids. I’m feeling a bit better today… like I can actually sit up and form coherent thoughts.

Through all of this, I’ve been thinking about how much I take for granted my immune system. I know so many people right now with seriously-compromised immunity due to medical issues and unusual diseases. I can’t imagine how they feel not knowing if their immune systems will ever be restored.

It is making me feel helpless. And with all of the reports of school closures in our area due to the widespread flu, I am taking extra precautions.

Now, my little bottle of anti-bacterial soap is attached to the front of my purse, ready for action anytime we’re out and about. And I’m even thinking twice about going out if it’s not absolutely necessary.

How about you? How are you feeling about all of the reports of the flu lately? Are you taking extra precautions or living life as normal? Are you worried about getting sick or do you think the news reports are overblown?

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  1. I'm so sorry you're not well. It is so hard to be sick when you're the mom. And then to be pregnant and homeschooling… Hopefully your immune system will kick in and you'll be back in business.I never was a germ freak until recently too. And now the thought that my husband might not have washed his hands the minute he walks in from work just about puts me over the edge.

  2. Emily!!! Get well soon! I am a certified germaphobe, so I'm EXTRA freaked out… many of our friends have H1n1 right now….my sister and her 3 girls included. Take care of yourself! Praying for you!!

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon. And the swine flu does have me a little freaked out, I'll admit but I am trying to keep perspective on the whole thing!

  4. Emily, I fall into the germophobe category! While I do feel like the flu frenzy is being blown out of proportion, I am taking precautions. For instance, I have my entire family on vitamin D supplements. I was in for a recent blood test and found out that my vitamin D was really low. It is suppose to be a "natural" flu protection. So, get some vitamin D for yourself and the kids. Also, this is a very informative video…check it out and let me know what you think:

  5. I am not a germaphobe, and realize that if I am going to get it, it will happen. There is no 100% way to prevent it, even the cleanest hands/face/house can pass it on. I really hope you are feeling even better today. Being sick when pregnant is not a good time, especially when you have three other little ones to chase around.

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