I feel like I should apologize for my frequent food posts the past few months. My life sort of revolves around food right now. I have been eating. A lot.

I have had a lot on my mind lately and many potential blog posts running through my head. Some of them are kind of serious, though, and after a month of recipes, I’m afraid I will drive away all of my readers.

So, here are some other things happening at the everydayHouse.

1. Little everydayBaby is starting to sleep five to six hours in a row at night! Just a week ago, I was convinced the girl had colic because she would cry so much in the evening. Suddenly, over the past few days, she has been giving me some long stretches of sleep. Of course, this requires me to go to bed around 8 or 9 p.m. if I want to sleep when she does. But we’re making progress!

2. My husband loves bees. I’m not sure when it happened, but he stumbled across a story or a book about the bee crisis in America. The bees seem to be going through some kind of an insect panic attack and huge crops (flocks, herds, swarms… yes swarms) of them have been dying by the thousands. This is creating a huge problem because farmers and orchard owners need bees to pollinate pretty much every type of food they grow. We would secretly (OK, no longer a secret) like to move to the south and become bee farmers. Well, bee farmers who raise bees who don’t have stingers and don’t suddenly die by the thousands for unexplainable reasons. So, maybe not. But we would like to move to the south.

3. The kids and I are getting ready to learn about the Iditarod race across Alaska. We joined a Yahoo group that will help us map the race, choose our favorite musher and follow along during the race.

4. I haven’t been doing a very good job this year teaching my kids geography. So to make up for it, I was thinking we should drive across the country to get a first-hand view of the United States. We are actually planning a drive from Illinois to Florida. We are thinking of renting a house and doing school there for a week or so. If you know of any good sights to see along the route, let me know. We are getting ready to plan our journey.

5. The kids are taking “recorder karate” this spring at their home-school co-op. They learn to play little songs on the recorder and they can earn colored ribbons, sort of like karate belts. So far, they haven’t become confused and tried to use their recorders in a fancy karate chop move, but I won’t be surprised if they try it soon. They are really excited about learning to play the recorders. They want to practice. All the time. I sort of forgot they would need to practice or maybe I wouldn’t have signed them up for the class.

6. It’s time for me to make lunch. And I’m quite sure you aren’t interested in what I’m about to cook. So, I’ll just move on.

What’s going on with you?? I would love to hear any random news in your life this week!

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