This question is for the both of you… as in ALL of my blog readers. I really need to know what you think.
A friend the other day said she was debating between asking her husband for one of these two Christmas gifts:
1. a Keurig coffee maker or
2. a pair of Ugg boots.
This was a tough one. Well, it was tough for her, but quite obvious to me.
Despite my love for all things boot, I just don’t get the Ugg. I think it’s the name. I’m sure that Ugg means “beautiful foot” in Scandinavian or Swedish or whatever far off land where the boot is manufactured. But in English, I feel that Ugg is a good description of the boot or house shoe or whatever the heck that thing is.
However, my friend has amazingly good taste in clothing so I know I must be totally clueless about this foot fashion with the horrible name that is worth more than $100. Worth the price of the wonderful, life-changing Keurig hot-beverage brewing machine. The machine that turns itself on and begins heating your hot water and is ready at a moment’s notice to serve any hot beverage you would like at the perfect temperature. Absolutely perfect temperature. Not one degree too hot or cold.

So, I would love it if all of you would enlighten me on the Ugg. I have several friends who are saving all the pennies in their piggy bank to get a pair of these, so I know it has to be ME who is out of touch.

I do have two other very important questions.
If you were going somewhere and wearing open-toed shoes and you were running late, but you had not eaten breakfast yet and you realized that your toe nails were NOT painted, would you:
a. paint your toe nails and skip breakfast?
b. eat breakfast and go out with naked toe nails?
And finally, if you were choosing a football team to support throughout your life and your support of this team required you to attend games, dress in team sweatshirts and possibly even paint your face, would you:
1. choose the team based on the college you attended, team standings or your love for a certain state?
2. choose the team based on the team colors that best match your complexion and would fit in best with the majority of sweaters in your wardrobe?
I’m sure you have no idea what my answers to these questions would be. However, I thought this would be a really nice bonding experience if the three of us could share on this topic.
Oh, and does anyone know of a football team with jerseys in a nice olive green and brown? Something that would go with tall brown boots?

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