My year, according to Facebook

I compiled my favorite Facebook status updates of 2010. Here are the top 24. (That’s two a month, you know.)

1. Jayda: “ga-ga-ga-ga” Translation: “So many pieces of furniture to spit up on, so little time.”

2. I’m not sure how I’m going to tell my imaginary personal trainer on Wii Active that I haven’t been showing up to jog in place on her fake track because I’m too busy dancing with my imaginary friends on Wii Just Dance. I think I’m getting more of a workout, too.

3. I’m wondering how the “French bread” I made for dinner is going to taste, since I just read the package and found out it was a roll of refrigerated pizza crust dough.

4. I’m thinking about going on my biannual run. I try to run one mile once every two years. It’s a rigorous schedule so I want to make sure I’m mentally prepared before I just jump in.

5. Three children in awana. Spent the evening at awards ceremony. One out of the 3 actually made it all the way home with the award.

6. Matthew just asked me when I was a kid how old I had to be to have an iPod. 🙂

7. I love how the first born wants to make sure he completely understands the rules. The second born tries his best to break the rules. And the third born is like, “Oh, I didn’t know there were rules!”

8. I love my 9-year-old. I asked him the difference between famous and obscure. Famous: “Barack Obama.” Obscure: “A kid named Toto Baggypants who lived in Africa and only had nine friends.”

9.The kids found a centipede in our house so they used the scissors to cut it into three pieces. When it was STILL moving, they suggested we put it on Facebook, my blog AND my iPod… “That would really froke people out,” according to Alayna. (Froke is the past tense of freak, in case you didn’t know.)

10. just discovered the best way to do laundry: “One load at a time.” (If anyone wants to quote me on this amazing statement, please feel free. I’m sure it will be a famous quote someday. hahahaha.)

11. deep thoughts from a 9-year-old: “When Tiger Woods was good, it seemed like he was really good. But when he’s not good, you find out his true character… I get tired of seeing his tantrums.”

12. Alayna has an empty water bottle and she wants to know if she can use it for a “Skittles” bottle. Her plan is to go around the neighborhood and ask people if they have any leftover Skittles.

13. The 7 year old just came downstairs wearing swimming trunks, a firefighter jacket and carrying an Indiana Jones whip. Sometimes, I don’t bother to ask why.

14. Quotes of the day: “WHEN is tomorrow?” … and you can’t let your toothbrush touch someone else’s toothbrush because “you might get diabetes!!”

15. Hmmm… Not sure about certain little boys who beg me to go down the tube slide with them because my extreme weight will increase their speed, then to thank me they jump off at the end and make me flip into the water! Fun times!

16. Perspective is a great thing. Funny how when we had one child it seemed like we had our hands full. But now that we have four, and three are at a sleep-over, it seems totally quiet with one.

17. Quote of the week: Matthew: “So what’s that smell at So-and-So’s house?” Andrew: “I think it’s… clean-ness.” (Because, clearly, it’s not a smell they are used to!)

18. Uncle! I’ve reached my limit. Just did the “emergency” load of laundry so we would have clothes for soccer tomorrow. The washing machine was on the spin cycle when I noticed the clothes still sitting on the floor. The load of water should be nice and clean.

19. Kent and I have been married for 13 years. He just said to me: “It’s been the best 10 years of my life.” Oh well… at least we make each other laugh!

20. We are studying biology this year, and we have read three different books recently with sections about the sea cucumber. When it is threatened, it protects itself by expelling its intestines. Another fish likes to live inside the cucumber and sometimes eats its insides. When we opened our book today and saw another setion on the sea cucumber, Alayna said, “Oh no! Not that pickle again!”

21. I love it when the kids, including their friends, all come inside for hot chocolate after playing outside since the crack of dawn, they take off their snowsuits and realize they are still wearing PJs. So funny!

22. iPad.

23. I solved the rubik’s cube.

24. The zoo lights really put me in the Christmas spirit. I’m ready to get out the Christmas tree! Visiting the zoo in December inspired me to write this poem: At the zoo. In the Winter. No crowds. No animals.



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