Last night was scary. The snow was coming down in a sheet. The wind was blowing about 50 p.m., causing the snow to swirl in every direction.
The light pole in front of our house was shaking in the wind. And then the lightning would electrify the entire sky.
But this morning? This is the kind of day that makes everyone feel like a kid.
Who could resist a tramp through THIS when you open the front door?
These are the bushes in front of our house.
The drifts are waist high in front of the house.
Where did the skating rink go?
The back yard. Wow.
Boys seem to have an irrepressible desire to shovel.
I guess we won’t be driving anywhere real soon.
Nature gave us a snow hill in the front yard!
Hey! Send a snow plow!
Fun times.
We are thankful for a warm house, a full fridge and SNOW!

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