School choices: The conclusion

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Why did I write all of this? Honestly, I kind of wish I had just written one simple blog post saying what we are doing for the fall. I kind of wish I had not revealed my inner struggle and all of my craziness.

But I have discovered over the past few years that a lot of people make assumptions about why people do things. They assume that because you have chosen a certain path, it must be working perfectly for you or you must have some superhero power that makes it possible for you to do what you do.

I guess I learned during the last few months that I make those same assumptions!

The truth is, it’s a lot of work to have kids. It’s a lot of work to have one kid… or two or three or four or more. They all have different needs and different interests. No matter what path we choose — home school, private school or public school — it is work!

All parents have to be involved in educating their children, parenting them and raising them, regardless of where we send them to school. Every option has different benefits and struggles. NO MATTER WHAT!

And that is another thing I discovered this summer. I need to stop looking at all of the other options and thinking something else would be soooo much easier or so perfect. An option might be better because of a family’s situation and the children in that family, but that doesn’t mean it’s better for everyone.

Up until this year, I also thought people must be crazy to choose several different schooling options for kids within their family. Now, I can totally understand why a family might think it’s best to send one child to public school, another to private and home school a third. I finally get it.

It’s kind of funny to me that one of the scariest things for me about “real” school was entering back into the world of homework. We have been there before. I can’t say home school is “easier” than doing homework. Either option has strengths and benefits. Both are work!

This also was a huge lesson for me in trusting God. I can’t tell you how many times I asked him to just tell us what to do. I don’t feel a “calling” from God that this new program we are going to try is going to be just what we’re supposed to do. I wish I did. It would give me so much confidence every morning to fall back on that.

I don’t feel a deep conviction that our kids HAVE to go to private school or that they SHOULD go to public school. I also don’t feel a conviction that we HAVE to home school.

God didn’t give me a lightning bolt that clearly marked the way. I know we are going to face difficult days, and we might even regret this decision at times. However, what I learned is that I can trust Him to go through it with us. And that is what gives me peace.


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