New sports theme bedroom

I spent spring break tackling a loooooong overdue project. Since Jayda was born, our family has been in a bedroom crisis. The two girls have been sharing a 10×10 bedroom that was stuffed full of toys and clothes. It was always a huge mess.
The 9-year-old has been enjoying the much larger bedroom and his own set of bunk beds. His brother decided to relocate his bedroom to the basement a couple of years ago. Both rooms had been swallowed up by toys and needed a clean sweep.
BEFORE: This is the girls’ bedroom before the switch. However, it never looked like this. It also had a crib in the room and tons of toys all over the place. I had pained it like this when Andrew was a baby. Even though I tried to make it look girly, my daughter was never really happy with the decor.

We told Matthew he could have a big say in how we decorated the room. He chose a sports theme and we went shopping together to find some cool accessories. I decided to stick with the three-color paint scheme. The main reason was that I didn’t want to have to sand the stripe that went around the room. I also wanted to put the pegboard shelf back up as a place to display his baseball hats. 
We did put up the pegboard shelf a few days after this photo was taken. It goes across the strip on this wall.

He absolutely loves this basketball hoop on the door. When his friends come over now, I can barely get them to go outside. They love playing basketball in here.

We both thought the baseball and football pillows were really cool and a great addition to the room. He is a happy boy. Even though the room is smaller,  it is totally HIS space!

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