What I loved in May

At the end of every month, I like to do a recap of the things I loved that month. This could include books, TV shows, movies, children’s books, podcasts or new products I tried. My recaps are getting later and later, but I’m not giving up! I love looking back at the month and remembering all of the things that influenced me.

May was a huge month because our oldest son graduated from high school! People have asked me how I handled high school graduation, and I have to say it was a huge relief once it was over. I feel like I spent most of his senior year kind of dreading graduation day. Senior year is such an emotional roller coaster of trying to enjoy all of the “lasts” of high school and also walking through the emotion of realizing it’s time to launch your child. Once graduation day was over, it was helpful to give me some closure and start thinking about what’s next for him.

May also was eventful on a personal level because I decided to close a chapter in my life. As I wrote about in my last blog post, it’s become clear to me and my family that it’s time for me to step out of ministry and resign from working at our church, which is something I’ve done the past nine years.



With all of these major life changes, I’ve been trying to seek wisdom on making good decisions. One of the books I read in May was helpful to process through so many thoughts and emotions. It’s called “The Next Right Thing,” by Emily Freeman. There were a couple of thoughts that were especially powerful to me.

In one chapter, she talked about looking for arrows. Many times when we are making a hard decision, we are looking for clarity in what is next for us. Sometimes, we have to step out into the unknown because arrows are pointing that direction. I don’t know exactly what’s next for me, but God has given me many arrows that made it clear it was time for me to close the chapter I was in.

Another part of the book talked about great opportunities. I was recently given a great opportunity to move into a new position at the larger church that our church became part of. However, I realized that just because something is a great opportunity, it doesn’t me it’s the best opportunity for me. Sometimes, you have to walk away from something even though it’s a great opportunity.

I listened to this book on audio, through the app, Hoopla, which is part of my local library. The author’s voice is so calming and soothing that even if I wasn’t fully engaged in what she was saying, I still found peace listening to the book!


On a lighter note, I also listened to the book “Daisy Jones and the Six.” I had to wait about 47 weeks to download this audio book from the library, using the app, Overdrive, so I was going to be VERY disappointed if it wasn’t great!

The story is told as if the author is interviewing various members and friends of the fictional band, “Daisy Jones and The Six.” The book is written so well, that I often found myself wanting to Google a song or a band member and had to remind myself that it wasn’t a real story! Another added benefit of the audio book is that different actors read each character. This was a great read to kick off my summer!


I binge watched the Netflix series, “Dead to Me,” in my moments of needing to escape all of the emotion I was dealing with in the month of May. The series included some surprise twists that made it fun to watch!


I mentioned last month that I’ve become a little obsessed with watercolor painting, thanks to the YouTube channel, “Let’s Make Art.” Each week, the artist who runs the channel gives you a step by step tutorial to complete a watercolor painting. Not only have I been painting like a maniac, but I invite anyone who happens to stop by to paint with me.

More than once, I’ve been teaching an impromptu watercolor class with 15-year-old boys who have stopped by to hang out with our daughter. I’ve painted with adults, children, my husband, my daughters and pretty much anyone who walks in the door.

I’m actually starting a little watercolor painting group this summer that will combine some meaningful conversation while we paint. If you are looking for a chance to connect and paint this summer, let me know. I would love to invite you!


I always try to write about five things in this recap. Since I didn’t have a fifth book, show or movie, I’m going to throw in my Mother’s Day gift, which was the Rishi Simple Brew Loose Leaf Teapot. If you’ve ever eaten at Egg Harbor Cafe, they serve your loose leaf tea in this little teapot. After going there for my birthday, my husband bought me one.

I use it every single day. My tea tastes so much better when it’s made from loose leaves, instead of tea bags. If you love tea, it’s so fun to use!


Well, that wraps up the month of May and it’s only June 9! Please tell me what you loved in May or so far in June! I would love to hear about your favorites for the month.

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  1. “just because something is a great opportunity, it doesn’t me it’s the best opportunity for me” = YESYESYES!!!

    I really enjoyed vegging out with “Dead to Me”, too!

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