What I loved in August

If you’ve been following along the past few months, you know that August was a big month at our house. It was the countdown to dropping off our oldest child at college.

The anticipation, nervousness and anxiety leading up to that weekend of Aug. 23 was tough! In the midst of the build up, I couldn’t bring myself to finish one book! I tried several times, but the second a plot felt like it might become the least bit sad or emotional, I had to stop reading. I also couldn’t seem to keep my mind focused for any length of time!

So, this month’s list of favorites will be a little different. Instead of writing about my favorite books, movies and TV shows, I’m going to write about some products, activities and projects I loved in August!

What I loved in August




I have been using this cream for a few years, but I was really piling it on during the month of August. I think my husband ordered twice from Amazon to keep me stocked!

Calm Cream is a magnesium cream that is amazing. I put it on any sore muscles before I go to bed. It relaxes my muscles and also helps me drift off to sleep. I’ve read that most people are magnesium deficient. I have taken supplements, mixed magnesium powder in water and also tried a magnesium spray. But this cream is by far my favorite.

I also get muscle spasms in my legs at night and sometimes have restless leg syndrome. Calm Cream alleviates all of those issues! It is seriously one of my must-have all-time favorite products.



I’ve been loving Rosehip Oil for a few years now, but I became convinced of its magical powers when we went away for the weekend to stay at a lakehouse with some friends.

I use Rosehip Oil in the evening and morning as an all-natural skin moisturizer. I have read of the many healing qualities of the oil. It’s supposed to help heal scars, fine lines and other skin issues.

When we were at the lakehouse, our friends had recently switched something with the chemicals in the pool. The kids were spending long hours underwater in the pool. At the end of the day, their faces would be bright red with a “burn” from the chemicals. We couldn’t find anyway to relieve the burning of their skin. Aloe cream actually made it hurt even worse.

Then, I remembered my Rosehip Oil. I put it on their faces and within a few minutes, the redness was starting to go away. All of the kids became big fans of my Rosehip Oil that weekend!

I buy mine from GoPure, but I’ve also used it from Teddie Organics.



I have been drinking gallons of this Green Tea Lemonade the past month! I took our youngest daughter to lunch one day, and this drink was on the menu. I didn’t want to spend $4.50 for a drink with our meal, but I decided to mix up a similar concoction at home.

I included the recipe as part of my Four Week Paleo Meal Plan, which you can find here. You can make the lemonade with honey or sugar, but I prefer it unsweetened. Green Tea and lemon juice both have cleansing properties, so it’s OK to drink lots of it when it isn’t sweetened!

Oh… and if you haven’t checked out my meal plan yet, go do that! It’s a great way to start off eating healthy this fall. The recipes are gluten free, grain free, dairy free and free of refined sugar!

Four-week Paleo meal plan full of easy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner



I got these Arteza Watercolor Markers for my birthday back in April, and we used them constantly this summer. We took them on a family trip to the farm. We took them on the lakehouse weekend. And we even set them out during our son’s going-away party, along with piles of adult coloring books.

Children, women and even teen-age boys sat for hours coloring with these markers this summer! I guess there’s just something about having really cool markers that makes people want to color!




I have been playing the card game, Nerts, since I was a kid, and we’ve played it for many years at our house. But just like the watercolor markers, it became a staple this summer. I can’t even tell you how many hours different groups of people have played this game at our house! It’s fast paced and lots of people can play at one time. I love it!





Without a doubt, my favorite creative project of the summer — and possibly of my life — was painting my picnic table. It was so fun to watch my husband build the table, stain it, plan out what I was going to paint and then sit outside for hours painting.

I hope I get to paint another one someday! (I’m taking orders!!)


What did you love in August? Did you have a favorite book, movie, TV show, project, product or activity? I would love to hear about it in the comments!


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What I loved in August

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