Mandala painted picnic table

Gather + Create

That should be my tagline!

I have only had one regret about the picnic table that I painted a few years ago and wrote about here. My husband built it in our yard, and I enjoyed having it down there. But I’ve often wished I could move it onto our deck. The table is super heavy, so moving it would be a major undertaking.

Then, last summer, a friend posted on Facebook that she was giving away a picnic table. This one was much lighter, and I had the perfect spot for it on my deck.

Plus, I had been dreaming of painting mandalas on a table.

Like my first picnic table, I used my Silhouette to cut on the shapes. Many of them are extremely large… like 32 inches wide! So, I used multiple strips of adhesive vinyl and then pieced them together to form each shape.

I had envisioned using muted colors, and realized I already had the perfect colors leftover from painting the girls’ bedrooms and bathrooms in the spring.

I’m super happy with how the table turned out. It’s going to be a fantastic spot to gather + create.

Here’s what the table looked like before I painted it.

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