Another amazing day, Day 27

Thursday, April 9

I took this photo this morning of the moon setting behind my house. But when I looked at it on my camera, I thought, “Ehh… that’s not amazing or extraordinary enough to post on social media.”

🌕 What a crazy standard I sometimes set for myself? When is a beautiful blue sky, a sunrise or a moon set NOT amazing and extraordinary?

☕️ I am learning to appreciate so many little things in life I took for granted before. I hope I never again underestimate a hug, coffee with a friend or celebrating a holiday with my extended family.

💜 I hope that in the midst of all that is happening in our world, I will have a more profound appreciation for each new day, waking up healthy and going outside.

🌍 So, here you go… Another moon, another beautiful sky, another sunrise… another extraordinary, amazing day on planet Earth!

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