Book worm

The toddler loves books. Now that she is getting a little older, I got out this awesome set of books that I used to read to the other kids. I have always loved these books because they are so well written and entertaining with unusual stories!

She was so excited, she could barely believe it when she saw this big box of books. It was fun to read the familiar books to her that I have read so many other times to my other kids.

Now part of her bed-time routine is to read about 10 of these books. She would ask me to read them all if I would let her! I love snuggling with her and watching for her reactions as we read.

2 responses to “Book worm”

  1. Kelly Avatar

    So excited to see your photos here again!!

  2. everydayMOM Avatar

    Thanks! I kind of missed doing this so I decided to try to get up to date! I really enjoy doing it as long as I don't put pressure on myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

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