Chicago Botanic Garden

My children are so wonderful to indulge me on my photography outings. These are our trips where the kids get to run and play,  and I get to take as many photos as I want. This seems to be a good compromise. Instead of trying to take photos of everything and all the places we go, I let them know in advance that these are the trips when the camera is coming with us.
This week, we ventured to the Chicago Botanic Garden. I was completely overwhelmed by all of the beauty around me. We didn’t even begin to explore all of the gardens, which means we will be planning several more adventures there in the future!
I haven’t moved these photos over yet! You can view them on my old photo page.

2 responses to “Chicago Botanic Garden”

  1. Pam Wiseman Avatar
    Pam Wiseman

    A really neat picture of Alayna and Jada.

    1. everydaymom Avatar

      Thanks, Pam! I love that one, too!

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