Creating with courage

"I'm sorry. I tried for so long to belong. To be as they needed me to be. Now, I wish to be myself." ~ Ana, "The Book of Longings" Last week, I got together with some friends from work and led them in an art project. We used modeling paste, liquid acrylics and...

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Hidden fairy roll top desk

One of my life rules is that I don't pick up old furniture that people have left by the curb. But when I saw this roll top desk in a neighbor's garbage last fall, it called out to me. I had just finished painting the mandala picnic table, and I thought it would be fun...

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Mandala painted picnic table

Gather + Create That should be my tagline! I have only had one regret about the picnic table that I painted a few years ago and wrote about here. My husband built it in our yard, and I enjoyed having it down there. But I've often wished I could move it onto our deck....

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Creating a life map

Have you ever thought about how all of the twists and turns you have taken in life have led you to the place you are today? What were the consistent ideals and interests in your life that led you to choose one path over another? And now that you know what happened...

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My June art journal

I just finished my third month of art journaling since I started my "themed" art journals. This month's theme was "nature," and I could not have loved it any more! I feel like I'm starting to find my "voice" in my art journal. I follow along with tutorials provided by...

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My May art journal

Last year, at the end of each month, I wrote a blog post about the books, movies and TV shows I enjoyed that month. This year, with all that's been happening in the world, I've barely read any books. I've had a hard time finding TV shows that grab my attention, and...

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