Fifth grade graduation

Our church has a special graduation service for the fifth graders to mark their transition into Thrive, our junior high ministry. This is a big deal at our church because once kids are in Thrive, they sit with their parents during Sunday morning worship.
Each fifth grader gets a box filled with notes of encouragement from special adults in the church. The box also includes that child’s “life verse” on the cover. We chose Psalm 25:4-5 for Andrew. It was a really special day for us!

3 responses to “Fifth grade graduation”

  1. Pam Wiseman Avatar
    Pam Wiseman

    Matthew in Jr High! Wow!

    1. Pam Wiseman Avatar
      Pam Wiseman

      Did I write Matthew? I meant to write Andrew.

      1. everydaymom Avatar

        Yes! Andrew is going into 6th grade! Can you believe it? We are so thankful for the young man he is becoming!

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