Maybe you read my last post about starting an art journal β€” or creative journal β€” and you want to get started. But if you are like me, you are afraid you wouldn’t know how to begin!

I’ve noticed that every day, I seem to get more and more ideas of what I want to include in my journal. Here are five of the types of pages I’ve included so far:


I’m going through a devotional called, 100 Days to Brave. Each day, the author asks a question that can be a prompt for a journal page. Today, she suggested making a list of five things you love. I ended up filling the whole page with things I love!

Why is it that just writing down all of the things I love filled me with so much joy?


Each day, my devotional also includes a scripture for that day. Now that my brain is working in a more creative way, the words of the verse often inspire me to paint a picture.


I find a mandala is one of the easiest things to do artistically. It’s just a series of dots moving outward from a center point. You can find tons of ideas for mandalas on Pinterest.


I love painting with dots because it doesn’t require much skill. I dip the eraser or the tip of a pencil in paint and then just tap it on my page. It’s very mindless so you can do it while watching TV or having a conversation.

You can use the same idea with Sharpie markers.


I’ve been looking up simple watercolor tutorials on Pinterest to try in my creative journal. It’s been really fun to get step-by-step instructions to try something new.

If you missed my first post about starting a creative journal, you can find that here.



So, what do you think? Can you see yourself enjoying a creative journal? Leave me a comment! I would love to hear from you!


Five ideas for your art journal

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  1. Sues Avatar

    I’m here! Love this!

    1. Emily Neal Avatar

      Thanks, Sues! You found me! BTW… every time I try to leave a comment on your blog, I get stuck in an endless cycle of redirects. πŸ™

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