A few years ago, I downloaded a few of the gymnast cut files from the Silhouette store for our youngest daughter who has been doing gymnastics since she was three.

I’m amazed at how many times I have been able to use those same files to make cute custom crafts for her gymnastics obsession! Here are five that we’ve made this past year.

Five projects for a gymnast made with Silhouette

All of these projects use the following cut files from the Silhouette design store:

Gymnast: Design ID 41840

Gymnast: Design ID 10587

Gymnast: Design ID 10590



She wanted to use a gymnastics theme for her class Valentine’s box. We had fun creating a beam, bars and a mat out of cardstock and bamboo skewers (like the ones you use to make ka-bobs). We wrapped a box in plain white paper, then added our gymnastics elements to the top.

I cut each of the gymnasts twice so we could glue the skewer (or a small piece of the skewer) in between the layers to give it more dimension.


Before Christmas, a few of the girls on our daughter’s gymnastics team decided they should trade handmade gifts. We came up with the idea to make these bottle cap necklaces.

I cut a plain bright blue circle that went into the bottom of the bottle cap. The next layer was a dark blue circle with the gymnast cut out so the bright blue layer was visible in the cut space. Next, I printed the word “Oswego” in blue on a white piece of paper. I just used scissors to cut the piece and I glued it on top of the two circles.

We covered the paper with lots of Dimensional Magic Mod Podge, and then tapped the bottle cap to remove as many bubbles as possible. We added just a tiny bit of blue glitter to the Mod Podge. (We actually created all 13 of the necklaces TWICE because the first time around we added way too much glitter and you couldn’t see the design underneath.) Thankfully, those bottle caps are really cheap and we had a lot of them left!

When you first pour in the Dimensional Magic Mod Podge, it will be white. But it will dry clear. It takes about 12 hours to allow the Mod Podge to dry. It kind of sinks down after it dries. We kept adding layers of Mod Podge until it filled the bottle cap.


We also needed a Christmas gift for the coaches, so we added gymnasts cut on adhesive vinyl to plain clipboards. We added ribbon and a tag to match the team colors. It’s fun to see the coaches use their clipboards at all of the meets.


We started the school year by creating custom pencil boxes in the gymnastics theme. I wrote more about that here.


We also cut out a gymnast in holographic vinyl to place on the cover of her binder. We inserted a sheet of decorative paper in the clear slot on the front of the binder, making it look like the gymnast is on the beach.


It’s been fun making gymnastics projects with our cut files. I’m sure we will have even more ideas in the future!


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