Keeping track

Keeping track
I love to track things. When I created my planner for 2021, I knew I wanted to include sheets to track four things for the entire year — the days I am active outside, my steps, my Bible reading plan and my weight. Physically writing these things down helps me keep track of my progress and motivates me to move forward.
❄️ In the month of January, I walked outside 28 out of 31 days.
🚶‍♀️I am on a 12-day streak of walking at least 14,000 steps a day. Of that, I usually walk five miles outdoors, split into two walks.
📔 I’m on track to read the New Testament this year.
🥦 And I’m on Day 10 of Whole30, which has helped move the scale down by four pounds.
📷 I also cleared four years’ worth of photos off of my phone in January. And I started a new habit of taking a minute each day to either store or delete the photos from the day before.
I love wrapping up the month feeling healthy, and I’m exciting to start a few new goals for February. Do you like to track things? Do you do it digitally or do you like to write things down?
It’s hard to set a goal for where you want to go if you don’t know where you are starting from.

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