Lost: Everybody Loves Hugo

If you don’t mind, I’m just going to see if I have everything straight.
So… a bunch of people were born. Their lives were touched by a god-like figure named Jacob. His touch pushed them to get on a plane. The plane crashed on an island.
The survivors eventually started traveling through time. They flashed 30 years back in time and blew up the very thing that caused their plane to crash.
So, now, their minus 30-year selves went through their lives without being touched by Jacob and without being pushed toward the island. When they got to the point in life where they would have crashed on the island, they started having deja vu.
They are starting to sense that they had another life. They have met certain people before. They have lived these same experiences, but in another place and another time.
All of the people on the plane were actually destined to meet. I think of this sort of how I met my husband. We grew up together in a small town. We were in the same class in school. However, we never dated or even spoke to each other!
We could have dated in high school and got married when we were 21. But we didn’t. Eight years after high school, we reconnected and began dating. We were destined to get married. It could have happened sooner or it could have happened later. Either way, it was meant to happen.
Back to Lost. So, all of these people were meant to interact in some way, whether it was on the island or not. They are all starting to make these connections.
Libby finds Hurley and is now in a mental hospital because she thinks she is crazy. It seems that the re-living of life is much more difficult for Libby and Charlie because they died on the island. Now that they are alive and have passed over the point where they would have died, they seem to be much more confused and tormented than the other people.
So, back to the point where they set off the hydrogen bomb. I get a little fuzzy here. I’m not sure why they are still alive on the island. Did they travel through time right as the bomb went off? Or did the bomb not kill them?
Whatever the case, they were still alive, so they continued to live a parallel life on the island. Now, they exist at two different places at the same time. But it can’t be exactly the same time because we know that at the point they get on the plane the second time around the island is under water.
Desmond enters the picture. He is very important because he can withstand a powerful force of electromagnetism. He also seems to be very important because he is trying to reconnect the people who would have crashed and help them remember what happened in their other life.
Why? Maybe he wants to go back and change that outcome somehow. Oh, and when he orders something at a restaurant, he is given the number 42.
And we already kow that when you add together all of the important numbers, they equal 108. And somehow 108 is an important number. OK.
Back on the island, we don’t know who is good and who is bad, but FLocke seems very bad. It wasn’t nice at all for him to push Desmond down into a well and leave him for dead. But we know it can’t be that easy to kill Desmond. And the previews give us a hint that he is still alive next week. Whew!
On the island, FLocke also needs to reunite the six candidates in order to complete his mission. I’m sure the number 108 will have something to do with what he is trying to do, whatever that is. Do you really think he will unleash evil on planet Earth if he escapes the island?
We also know that some people get stuck in their dead island existence and can’t move on. These would include people who kill themselves, such as Michael. These stuck people can communicate with Hurley, but those who were killed another way, like Libby, don’t communicate with Hurley.
And, supposedly, Jacob told Richard what the island really is. But, of course, Richard didn’t tell us.
And one more thing. Some people have been speculating that as people get injured on the island, they see the scars of those injuries in their parallel lives. I noticed a prominent scar on Desmond’s forehead matched up with the big injury on his forehead on the island. I’m not sure if he got that scar another way off the island.
So, there you have it. Simple, right?

Oh, and PS. Apparently Ilana wasn’t that important after all. Kaboom.

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5 responses to “Lost: Everybody Loves Hugo”

  1. Jenny-Jenny Avatar

    I don't watch the show but this was kind of a cool synopsis. I'm so glad you and hubby got together. I honestly believe that God knows and brings us to the people we need.Happy Day!

  2. SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} Avatar

    Great summary — I am right with you on one life being where they know Jacob, and the other being independent. I'm still stuck on the explosion, and how this will all fit together, but I'm excited πŸ™‚

  3. Beth@Not a Bow in Sight Avatar

    LOVED reading this summary πŸ™‚ I think you've got it right. I never thought about the fact that the people who died on the island have now passed the point where they already died on the island and therefore are tormented. Good one. That would explain why Charlie wasn't afraid to die…

  4. the J in PJs Til Noon Avatar

    I think Richard was referring to the Island being the cork containing all the evil, from his episode.I liked you weaving your own story with this one. Nice.

  5. Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom Avatar

    Hehehe the "Kaboom." at the end of your post was tooo funny. Great points! I think the scar on Desmond's head was from the car accident Charlie caused… wasn't it? But I definitely think there's something with the mirrors and the 'deja vu' effect. πŸ™‚

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