Lost: The Last Recruit

Spoiler alert: You know the drill. If you didn’t watch Lost on April 20, 2010, then don’t read this post.

So, it really is a small world after all, huh?

Wasn’t it great to see all of our favorite Losties bumping into each other in the off-island reality last night? And finally, it seems that the two realities are starting to merge.

Other bloggers have been saying that what is happening on the island is affecting what is happening off the island. That could be the case. Or maybe it’s not a cause-and-effect relationship.

But perhaps — as I seem to blog every week — it’s just destiny. Their lives are destined to go in a certain direction and it will happen whether or not their plane crashes on the island. Whatever the case, the off-island existence is starting to mirror the on-island outcomes in many ways.

Let’s just break down a few examples.


Off the island, Sun and Locke are simultaneously being pulled out of ambulances and pushed into the ER. They are side by side on their stretchers when Sun looks over at Locke and seems to have one of those deja vu moments where she suddenly remembers her island existence. “It’s him! It’s him,” she shouts.

On the island, Locke approaches Sun as they are marching through the jungle. Just as she can’t speak English off the island, she has lost her ability to speak English on the island, too. Instead, she writes Fake Locke a note” “You did this to me.”


On the island, FLocke asks to speak to Jack in private. FLocke tells Jack that he had been posing as Jack’s father when he led him to the water. Now, he took over Locke’s dead body because Jack was so nice to bring it to the island. He also informs Jack that Locke “wasn’t a believer. He was a sucker.”

Claire informs Jack that he has unknowingly aligned himself with the Great Body Snatcher just by allowing FLocke to talk to him. So, I guess all of those warnings about killing FLocke or Jacob before they were allowed to speak were for real. If they do start talking to you, you will be sucked over to their side.

Off the island, Jack is reunited with Locke in the emergency room after he was mowed down in the parking lot by Desmond. I have a feeling Jack is going to restore Locke’s ability to walk, don’t you?

And while Jack is about to save Locke off the island, it’s FLocke who picks up Jack and carries him through the jungle to keep him from getting killed on the island.


Kate and Sawyer are getting a little reunion in the police station off the island. And on the island, they are running away together, trying to escape by stealing FLocke’s boat and hoping to get a ride on Widmore’s submarine.


Jack meets The Claire Littleton when he goes to hear his father’s will being read. I loved this part. Not only did Desmond intercept her on the way to the 15th Floor, (I wonder if the number 15 specifically applied to Claire in any other instances?) but he takes her right to Ilana, an attorney who has been searching for the mystery woman mentioned in Christian Shephard’s will.

Surprise! You have a sister!

Meanwhile, on the island, Claire tells Jack she chose to go with FLocke because he was the only one who “didn’t abandon me”. She seems lonely enough as a pregnant woman going to an adoption agency by herself, but not half as sad and hopeless as the on-island Claire.

I was just happy that she was brave enough to leave Locke, even though she knew he “would be mad”.


And finally, Sayid’s two realities seem to be exploding.

He gets arrested by Sawyer for killing Keamy and the gang, and as a result he has to leave Nadia, the woman he loves. On the island, Desmond asks him what Nadia will think when Sayid tells him that he was reunited with her only because he killed Desmond in cold blood.

Will Sayid see he light and realize that by killing Desmond he won’t be able to have the reunion with Nadia he dreams of? I have a hard time believing that he really did kill Desmond, but I wonder if he left him in the well. I’m hoping Sayid finally came out of his Zombie state and rescued him.


And finally, finally, FINALLY ,Sun and Jin are reunited. In the hospital room off-island, Jin promises Sun they will always be together.

He makes the same promise on the island when they finally get together. (Was anyone else afraid they were both going to run into the electric fence and get zapped?) As soon as Sun runs into Jin’s arms, her ability to speak English is restored. Yay!


So, now Jack is convinced the he can’t leave the island because it isn’t done with him yet. But he’s trapped by FLocke, who is determined to get off the island.

And Sawyer tells Kate they are “done going back”. He is just as set on stealing the submarine and going home. Unfortunately, they are caught by Widmore, who seems like he might have them all shot execution style.

This is getting good.

What did you think?

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4 responses to “Lost: The Last Recruit”

  1. Kent N Avatar

    Happy Birthday!

  2. the J in PJs Til Noon Avatar

    I like your observation that while Jack is saving Locke sideways, Locke is saving Jack on the island. I didn't think about that.I was SCREAMING at the tv. "THE FENCE!!! Turn OFF the fence." I was so afraid they would be jolted or whatever in their reunion. So, no. You're not the only one.

  3. SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} Avatar

    The boys I watched the episode were so disappointed that the fence was turned off in time for the reunion… according to them, LOST went down a few notches in that moment. Boys.

  4. Julie Avatar

    I too was very concerned about the fence and I do not like Jack being with FLocke – that guy or thing seems like bad news to me. Also, I was wondering why Jacob is no longer appearing to Hurley. There are so many questions, do you think they all will ever be fully answered?

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