I hope you all have been loving summer as much as we have! After suffering through that long brutal winter, I think we are getting our reward with a really pleasant summer!
It did rain most of the day on Saturday, so I took that as my cue to get going on painting the master bedroom. Like the rooms in the main level of the house, the master bedroom was a bright white in flat paint. I know I should be happy to have a clean slate with the white walls, but they were screaming at me to add some color.
Any room in this house that was not painted white was either yellow or a pale green, and that included the master bathroom. I have been anxious to be done with the green and yellow as well!
The master bedroom has a vaulted ceiling, and I had envisioned the room with a very dark blue accent wall and grey on the trey ceiling. I found some new bedding that I used as my inspiration and pulled out four colors for my palette to transform the bedroom and bath.
Here’s the before with our old bedding and bright white walls…
I was a little freaked out when the dark blue wall first went up, but I absolutely love it! The dark blue is called “Evening Hush.”
The other walls are painted a color called, “Squirrel.” I must say that Squirrel is my new favorite color. I had been hoping for a nice grey beige, and I absolutely love this one! In fact, if I had found it earlier, I might have painted more of our main living space in this color. The color shifts from beige to grey in different light and sometimes has a touch of green.
The trey ceiling is one shade lighter than Squirrel, “Granite Boulder”.
I can’t wait to actually get some furniture in the room, add some curtains and put some artwork on the walls. But until then, here’s what the room looks like with just paint on the walls.
Oh, by the way, “Squirrel!”
And here’s the vaulted ceiling in all white…
I found out that painting the trey was no joke. I was balancing on the top step of a ladder with my neck tilted back taping and painting most of the day on Saturday. You might not be able to tell a huge difference from the photos, but I LOVE the added color on the ceiling. I think it makes a big impact.
And here’s the green bathroom…
I’m so much happier now surrounded by this greyish blue.
Just when I thought the ceiling in the bedroom was a challenge, I met this bad boy.
The ceiling was even higher than the one in the bedroom, and I did almost die at one point when the ladder tilted. I only spilled an entire tray of paint of the floor, but managed to stay on the ladder. (I will be super happy when the gold on the shower door and the door knob are replaced with silver!)
I’m so, so happy that the ceiling is no longer yellow!
Ahhh… white and grey…
So, I hope your weekend was more exciting than painting ceilings! CapableDad made some amazing progress on tearing down a wall in the garage and working outdoors. Hopefully, I’ll be able to show some of those before and afters soon, too!

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  1. Sues Avatar

    LOOOVE this grey/squirrel color palette!!!

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