new day

I’m having a little contest with myself to see how many days in a row I can update my blog. I gave up yesterday after only the third day.
I got too bogged down in trying to finish our taxes. Why do I always wait until the last day to file? Why does the IRS need to know how much money we paid for our first house 14 years ago just because we sold it? Why did I hide those documents away in the deepest darkest recess of my garage buried under mounds of other junk?
I had some ideas about what to write yesterday. It’s kind of like exercise for me. When I write more often, I find it easier to write. I also find it interesting to see what people will read. But I gave up. After only the third day.
Until I saw last night’s sunset. Would that be too boring to post? Too boring? Look at this!
So, I’m back-dating for yesterday’s post. Does that count? Am I cheating?
Either way, if you missed the beauty in the sky last night, please enjoy!

3 responses to “new day”

  1. Carolyn Avatar

    Beautiful sunset! Thanks for sharing those and your wonderful writing too!

    1. everydayMOM Avatar

      Thanks, Carolyn! I always love hearing from you! xo

  2. Sues Avatar

    GORGEOUS!!! & you got super into blogging the one time I took over a week off! ๐Ÿ˜›

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