The second day of preschool, my daughter had a homework assignment.

On Day #3, we were supposed to send back to school a paper with her answers to questions about her family, her favorite things and what she likes to do. With child #1, I would have had that assignment completed within minutes of getting home from school.

With child #3, I forgot to even empty her backpack the entire weekend.

On Monday, I was so excited that…

1. I remembered it was her birthday.
2. I had purchased her birthday treat over the weekend to take to preschool.
3. I had purchased birthday plates on which to serve the treat.
4. I had worked in an hour of home school before we dropped her off for preschool at 9 a.m.
5. I had found a shirt in my closet that fit.
6. I had managed to get out of bed at 6 a.m. to decorate previously-mentioned door, chair, and kitchen for birthday.
7. I had purchased her birthday gifts and wrapped them the night before.
8. I remembered to send something to preschool that started with an “M”, the letter of the day.

… I completely forgot the homework assignment. And this shortcoming was announced to all of the parents in the pick-up line at the end of class.

It seems to be the story of my life lately.

  • I’m sorry. I forgot to call you back.
  • I’m sorry. I forgot to listen to my voice mail… for three days.
  • I forgot to pay the cell phone bill, and they turned off my service. When it was finally back, I was so scared to listen to my voice mail, that I didn’t get your message for three weeks.
  • I’m sorry. I forgot to respond to your e-mail.
  • I read your blog, but I forgot to leave a comment.
  • I forgot to say thank you.
  • I forgot to send a thank you note.
  • I forgot what time we were supposed to be there.
  • I’m sorry, kids. I forgot to make dinner.
  • I do have my super simple meal plan, but I forgot to buy half of the ingredients.
  • I keep finding little slips of paper all over the house with someone’s name written on them, but I forgot what I was trying to tell myself.
  • You needed a binder for co-op? I forgot.
  • You have preschool again TODAY?!?
  • What day is karate again?
  • What day is it?

The problem isn’t so much that I can’t think straight. Or focus. Or remember anything other than getting the kids through their home school subjects and getting myself to bed as early as possible.

The problem is that I’m so used to being an extreme detail person. I’m usually one who remembers. And I think ahead to remember the details that would be involved in completing a task.

Now, I can’t even remember what the task is.

And I don’t really have a coping strategy for all of this. Yes… I am using my OWN planner more than ever these days. But I keep misplacing it. (I’m pretty sure it’s WITH my sunglasses. If only I could remember where I put those.)

A few people in my life think it’s pretty funny to see me like this. I have to admit, I don’t think I’m quite as stressed because I really can’t remember what I’m supposed to be doing half the time anyway. It’s kind of fun to float through life without so many worries. Until someone calls, of course, and reminds you you are an hour late and you were supposed to bring a plate of brownies.

I’m hoping that at least some of my brain cells will be restored after the baby arrives. I’m really missing the old me. The one who can remember. Maybe I’ll see her again next year?

PS… I actually wrote this post four days ago. But I forgot to hit “publish”.

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6 responses to “Oops, I did it again”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Emily! I so remember 'baby brain'! forgetting the simplest of tasks & trying to remember to write stuff down so I won't forget… only then forgetting the pieces of paper somewhere…it's gotten a little better now but then again… Laurel

  2. Jane Anne Avatar

    Oh boy, you must be so frustrated. You know the drill- you've been here before. Unfortunately, I think with each of my babies, a little bit of my memory never came back. Your post made me smile. By the way- it sounds like you made her birthday really special.

  3. Sarah Avatar

    I forgot what I was going to say. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Ha ha ha ha!!!Michele

  5. Jenny-Jenny Avatar

    So so funny (at your expense, I suppose) but so funny.

  6. A Musing Mom Avatar

    PS… I actually wrote this post four days ago. But I forgot to hit "publish". Very funny!I'm half laughing with you and half cringing at the reminder of all the times I've done the same kind of thing.

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