Getting creative in the kitchen

This past week, a friend described me as "artistic." Another friend said I'm "crafty." I don't see...

Emotional Support Dog goes to college

We have always joked that Cooper is such a smart and hard-working dog, that he really needs a job....

Seeing what’s right in front of me

Earlier this week, I experienced a traumatic moment with my puppers that was like nothing I've...


Five tips that have helped my hand lettering

When I was in fifth grade, I had a side hustle as a hand lettering artist. I wrote the names of my...


Gymnasts at sunset, Day 22

Gymnasts at sunset, Day 22

Saturday, April 4 Today's activities included taking walks with Cooper, painting Alayna's bedroom and getting caught up with friends on a long Zoom call. At the end of the day, it looked like we would have a nice sunset. I asked the girls if they would be willing to...

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The basics of a Paleo diet

The basics of a Paleo diet

This is part of my series: Four-Week Paleo meal plan. If you are just checking in, you should read this first: Getting started with a Paleo meal plan ** When I started on the Paleo diet, it was tempting to only think about the list of foods that I could NOT eat. My...

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