It’s so … copacetic

Every morning, I get an e-mail in my inbox with a "word of the day." This morning's word was...

A moment that was bigger than us

I've been pondering this story for many weeks, trying to decide how I can tell it on my blog. Now...

The mixed-up seasons of life

For the past few weeks, a blanket of white snow has been covering the ground where we live....


Acrylic paint pour with textured design

If you are feeling creative and looking for a new project to try this weekend, I have to tell you...


Fairy photo shoot

Fairy photo shoot

For the past few years, I've been working on growing my skills in photo editing. I've learned to retouch skin, create sky overlays and add bursts of sunlight. But lately, I've been wanting to stretch my editing skills in new ways. A few weeks ago, I took some photos...

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The basics of a Paleo diet

The basics of a Paleo diet

This is part of my series: Four-Week Paleo meal plan. If you are just checking in, you should read this first: Getting started with a Paleo meal plan ** When I started on the Paleo diet, it was tempting to only think about the list of foods that I could NOT eat. My...

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Thank you for stopping by my blog. This is a space where I share my life through words, photos and projects. I’m so thankful that you’re here.


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