I’m so thankful for my sweet friends…

They blessed me with unbelievable food…

their hospitality…


And A Musing Mom made these adorable party favors. Scented bath salts. My favorite.

But mostly, I’m just so thankful for their encouragement, friendship and support. I feel very blessed.

(Ten more days!)

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6 responses to “Showered”

  1. hellolittlepeepers Avatar

    Sorry I couldn't make it! I hope you had a great time! I can't wait to meet #4!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Em, you look great! Do you have anything left to mark off your list?:) Lynn

  3. Jenny-Jenny Avatar

    Baby showers are the best! I'm glad you have good friends to take care of you!Happy Countdown!!

  4. Holly Avatar

    Hi, Emily! We have at least one mutual friend–I recognize Elizabeth F. in the photos! Glad you had a wonderful shower!Blessings, Holly

  5. everydayMOM Avatar

    Lynn… only one more thing… hosting thanksgiving!Holly… yes, Elizabeth and I were talking about how she knows you in real life and you are my imaginary friend. =]

  6. Kent N Avatar

    Jayda Lynn-Lynnae-Grace-Karis Nicole-Noelle Neal is set with a lot of pink gear! What a special group of friends,

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