It’s only week six of the new year, and I’ve already fallen behind by a week in my daily photo project! I debated giving up on the whole thing completely, but here I am! I’m getting caught up with the end of January and beginning of February.
JAN. 29
It was the 100th day of school at kindergarten, and the kids got to celebrate by dressing like they were 100 years old. I will admit that getting our 6 year old to wear this outfit to school was not a happy experience. She actually cried so much that I let her take a nap and go to school late. When we arrived, her entire class of elderly 6 year olds were filing into the principal’s office to sing a song. As soon as she saw all of her peers with gray hair, canes and funny outfits, her anxiety faded. I had bribed her to at least wear her curly gray wig long enough for her teacher to see. Instead, she ended up wearing it the entire day!
That evening, we were blessed with an incredible sunset.
JAN. 30
We spent the morning with the eagles. Click here for more on that adventure.
JAN. 31
Our sixth grader had her first gymnastics meet of the season. I wasn’t able to attend, but CapableDad did an amazing job taking photos!
Here’s a quick recap of some of my favorite photos from January:
FEB. 1
I think the hardest thing for me about winter is the darkness. Not only are the days short, but we get very few sunny days. On this day, it was nearly 50 degrees and felt like spring! I can’t wait to have these days on a regular basis!
FEB. 3
Sadly, the cloudless sky was followed by a day of rain. I had to go for a drive and find something pretty. This farm was just what I needed!
FEB. 4
Our freshman’s basketball team played against their crosstown rivals. Both teams sold neon shirts to fit with the theme of “brightout.” Although I failed to take any photos of the game, I thought it was cool to see the boys lined up in their shirts. ๐Ÿ™‚
FEB. 6
As we approach Valentine’s Day, I decided to switch out my winter decor to celebrate the season of love. I made something new this year to add to my decor from last year. I used a wood burning tool to carve our initials into a river birch log that CapableDad had cut down from a tree in our yard. <3
FEB. 10
I’ve seen this gate several times, but finally decided to go take its pic. It just happened to be the first day of Lent, and I had decided to give up watching TV shows for the next 40 days. Instead, I have started listening to podcasts and reading more. I just happened to be listening to a podcast called “Starting Over,” which I thought was fitting for the first day of Lent. Just as I drove up to the gate, the person was talking about stripping away the old in order to start something new. He said it was like refinishing furniture. You have to sand away the old paint before you can put on a new coat. I guess that old gate was there to give me an object lesson.
FEB. 11
And we will wrap up week 6 of this year with a photo of a peachy prairie sunset.

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