So often in life I feel like an oddball. I have a weird sense of humor. I feel the need to be creative all. the. time. When I hear a favorite song from my past, I like to sing out. Like at the top of my lungs.

But there’s that one group of people that gathers around a few times of year that actually gets me. I don’t have to explain my jokes. I don’t have to explain why we might want to do a craft on Thanksgiving Day. Nope. They just jump right in and turn on the 70s music and sing out.

When my kids were younger, I think they were actually a little intimidated by my side of the family. I’m the youngest of four children, which makes them the youngest of the 14 grandchildren on my side. Each of my siblings is highly creative.

My oldest sister sings and plays multiple instruments. My second sister is a professional clay artist, creating designs for a major polymer clay company. And my brother left his career in business to build motorcycles from scratch. Behind his huge motorcycle dude persona, he is a talented artist and loves painting ceramics with his two daughters. All of my nieces and nephews also are highly creative so when we get together it’s not unusual to cover the table in butcher block paper so everyone can draw, doodle or do creative lettering while we talk.

This Thanksgiving, I was relieved that when I suggested we paint rocks, I didn’t get one funny sideways glance. Nope. They were in. No complaints or objections or “let’s go watch football.”



Of course, the only problem is they are all so creative that they make me suddenly feel like I have no artistic talent whatsoever!



Here’s mine:

Now that my kids are getting older, they appreciate my crazy family. They are starting to understand our shared weird sense of humor. And the need to sing out. It’s fun to watch our kids get in the mix and practice their own creativity. Our oldest son jumped in by creating a video of our silliness.

Thankfully, we can all laugh at ourselves!
How about you? Does your family do anything unusual when you are together?


8 responses to “when family comes around”

  1. Annette Benson Avatar
    Annette Benson

    I went all the way to Oklahoma City, so I wouldn’t have to paint a rock! ๐Ÿ™‚
    The sister who does not paint…anything

    1. everydayMOM Avatar

      Love you, Annette! We sure missed you and your family!

  2. joe wilkerson Avatar
    joe wilkerson

    Great blog.
    How may we find the Movie?
    Are there pictures of Liz’s wedding?

    1. everydayMOM Avatar

      Dad, the movie is embedded at the bottom of the blog post. You will have to ask Annette for photos of the wedding.
      Here’s a link to Andrew’s YouTube channel:

  3. Sues Avatar

    Ha!!!! We are the “everyone watches ALLLLLLL the football!!!!!” family!

    1. everydayMOM Avatar

      That’s awesome, Sues! Love it!

  4. Brian Horan Avatar
    Brian Horan

    Emily, glad I found your site. Al told me that you ran this. You all have so much creative talent in your family. So happy you all could get together for Thanksgiving. See ya later!

    1. everydayMOM Avatar

      Hey Brian! It’s great to hear from you! So glad that Al pointed you this direction! I hope you are doing well.

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