I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! What a beautiful day to celebrate the best day of the year — Resurrection Sunday!

We actually had a visit from Mr. Streptococcus Bacterium. He was not a very nice guest. Instead of eggs and candy, he gave the kids fevers, delirious dreams, headaches and sore throats. No offense, but I’m hoping he doesn’t decide to join us for any more major holidays.

I’ve been watching this year as my three children have been losing that sweet baby look to their faces. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of my eye and it’s as if I haven’t seen them for months. “He’s such a big kid now! Where did my baby go?”

Well, I have decided it’s all about the teeth. When they lose those cute, little baby teeth, to be replaced by gargantuan adult teeth that seem way too big for their mouths, they are officially transformed into Big Kids.

Tooth fairy visits have become almost a weekly event between the two boys lately. And they both suffer from their own struggles with eating as they maneuver their food around loose teeth, missing teeth and new teeth cutting through the gums.

This is my daughter. She’s four and has all of her baby teeth.

This is my 6-year-old son. He has an old man, gummy smile right now, without his top two teeth. Once those big ones grow in, it makes the ones to the sides look even more babyish.

This is my 8-year-old with his big, honkin’ adult teeth in the middle. He’s losing all four of he ones next to the middle teeth.

His baby teeth have roots of steel. That one on the bottom has been sticking out straight for over a month now while the one behind it grows in. We twist and turn that thing, but it won’t fall out. It just stands straight out from his gum and rubs against his bottom lip.

He is definitely not a baby anymore.

Can we just take one look at this eye? He says the boys make fun of him for having such huge eyelashes.

I love those eyelashes.

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