A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine told me she had decided to Eat Like Emily.

She asked if I could supply her with some recipes to help her eat whatever in the world it is that I eat. I’m never quite sure how to respond when people ask me for recipes. Honestly, I barely ever use a recipe. To eat like me, is basically just a change in the way you think about food.



For the past three years, I have been eating a Paleo diet. I have found that it gives me the nutrition I need to recover from the toll Celiac Disease took on my body before I realized that I had it. Since following Paleo, I have noticed dramatic improvements in my health.

Paleo eliminates highly inflammatory foods like gluten, grains, dairy, soy, legumes and processed food. It replaces those with natural, real food! Since I radically changed my diet three years ago, I have noticed dramatic improvements in my health. I don’t have constant headaches, vertigo, digestive issues or skin irritation. I sleep better, have more energy and have less pain in my joints.

I don’t eat this way to lose weight. In fact, I have adopted a mind set that healthy is far more important than skinny. I have been thin at times in my life, and it was often because of poor nutrition or being malnourished. These days, staying well-nourished is essential to living the best life I can.


Paleo for beginners: Get started with my four-week meal plan


I told my friend that I would put together a four-week meal plan and share it with her. I have been straying away from strict Paleo the past six months, adding in rice, corn and lots of sweeteners. I decided this would be a great time to get back on track while helping my friend.

As I started making my meal plans and typing recipes and instructions, it seemed that putting them on my blog would be an easy way to share them. And as long as I was sharing them with one friend, I might as well share them with others who could use them.

If you want to follow along, here’s how to get started:


Paleo for beginners: Four weeks of Paleo meal plans


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Before you begin, make sure you check out these resources:

The basics of a Paleo diet

Before you begin a Paleo lifestyle



Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four




Do you want to eat healthier the next for weeks? If you are ready to try my Four-week meal plan, leave me a comment or DM me! I would love to check in with you to see how it’s going! 


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