A visual reminder

I woke up while it was still dark yesterday with so much on my mind. My heart aches because my kids keep trying to grow up before I'm ready. I've been worried about a loved one battling a serious illness. And I get overwhelmed by all of the hate and sadness in the...

Outside everyday

They say it’s easier to do something everyday than sometimes. I’ve definitely found that to be true in my quest to walk outside every day in 2021. Now that I’ve made it through the brutal cold and crazy snow, my rhythm of walking several miles twice a day has become...

Shining through

Even the bright glow of the moon can be dimmed as it passes through the clouds. But wouldn’t it be sad if it never broke through and we missed its stunning beauty? That’s what I’ve been learning about humans, too. We all have a unique voice and a message to share. I’m...

Loving winter

I used to hate winter and basically tried to hibernate until it was over. The past few years, I’ve really been trying to appreciate the seasons. Sixteen degrees isn’t bad if you wear the right clothes. The pale palette of a winter sunrise is perfection. Cooper gets to...


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