get your suits, kids! we’re going to the pool if they are open or not!

We are having the best summer EVER!

The kids have been out of school for 10 days now and it has rained at least a little EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. every day. I didn’t check any meteorological reports, but I’m pretty sure it has been every day.

Except the two days the kids were out of town. And I was at a conference where I had to sit indoors for 10 hours straight. It was beautiful and sunny those two days.

Today, we are making protest signs and climbing the fence at the pool. This is what the signs will say:

“We don’t care if it’s 60 degrees!”
“We are coming in!”
“Lightning won’t hurt us!”
“We are swimming!”

If you have any better ideas for our signs, please let us know because:


Oh, we have tried all the little things that we had on our list to do during those moments of downtime. I already told you how my nutso kids love doing their chores. I just realized it’s because that’s the most exciting thing they have to do all day long!

It’s either that or math facts. They are begging me to start home schooling NOW! They think reading history is fun. THIS IS NOT RIGHT!

Oh. We have had play dates. But this involves not three, but five or six kids running up and down the stair for hours, trying to find hiding places in my closets for another round of hide-n-seek. Just like they do IN THE WINTER.

Yesterday, I took them to Wal-Mart and bought them an eight-pack of water guns. I have never purchased a gun for my children in their sweet, short lives. I thought at least they could take them outside in the bitter cold and get wet. We are lucky to hit 60 degrees in these parts.

Well, when the rain started to really pour, we were just bored of putting on rain boots and playing outside in the puddles. Come on. It’s fun the first five days, but it’s SUMMER!

I let them watch the same movie TWICE (OK, it was only a 45-minute movie) and then I insisted they needed at least an hour on the Wii. Yes, me! The complete anti-TV, anti-video game mom. I’m losing it people.

Tracking how much Acidophilus and Omega-3 that I give them at each meal was fun at first. But I. AM. BORED. I’m bored. Bored. Bored. Bored.

We made our dumb list of fun things to do this summer. And NOT ONE was an indoor activity.

So, please, please, please. If you live in Alaska, please tell me what you do for fun when a hot day is considered 72 degrees with only light rain.


  1. Ditto Emily!!!!!! It doesn't even feel like summer……so chilly, rainy…. Have you tried GymQuest in Plainfield (open gym)? Jaden loves to swing on the trapeeze (sp) over there…. We're baking cookies and sipping hot chocolate (coffee for me) today…..crazy! 🙂

  2. It is rainy and blah and we are almost done with the plague, I think. Maybe the sun has been waiting for us! That must be it. Thanks for the comment on my amazon post. It is fun to know people do read things. Sorry it was such a horribly written post. I re-read it and was like this is why I shouldn't post while attempting to put babies down for naps. I LOVE your idea on how to make the chore list. I will have to get creative since Ava can't read and get pictures for her chores. Do you have a planner that I can browse through? Maybe on Saturday????

  3. If you use that B word (bored) at my house in the summer you have to choose an extra chore from the bored list. So I'm pretty sure it's time for you to get on a plane and make your way to Washington. Sorry to say we have had 70-90 degree weather for 3 weeks now and the kids are still in school. In the past we have always said that it stops raining on July 5th and starts again Sep. 1st. My favorite thing to do with kids your ages in the summer? Library. Find a good book, bring it home pop popcorn on the stove and cover it with real butter and read to them aloud. Harry Potter is great for this and so are the Penderwicks! Patricia Riley Giff, Patricia Pollaco, Horrible Harry, and you cannot survive without the Magic Tree House! I love to read aloud to my kids! Good Luck, I'll be thinking about you while I slather lotion on my sunburn. (sorry)

  4. Gretta, Thanks for the head's up about GymQuest. We haven't been there!Emily, I will bring my planners and my chore chart with pictures no Saturday!Carrie, Oh, yes… nothing like a trip to the mail box for a little excitement… especially when the kids drop the mail and it starts flying all over the yard. Jenny, we do love to read, too. We go through so many books in the summer. It's so fun. Penderwicks is a favorite of ours, too!I'm done being grumpy about the rain. Amazing how once the sun does come out it completely changes one's attitude!

  5. Holy… your kids are out of school early! Ours are done June 24th! Then go back at the end of August… anyway, also sounds like the weather is later & crappier everywhere… we've finally had 3 days of decent weather… last week we were having frost warnings which is very very wrong for June! But it'll change soon… oh yes it will!Anyway, good luck with keeping the kids occupied… and you too! Just think, only about a month til you're gone for a few days at convention!Laurel

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