so unimportant

Yea! Sarah tagged me… or did she? She tagged “anyone” named Emily, so that includes me! =]

The Rules:
* List Six Unimportant Things That Make You Happy
* Mention and link to the person who tagged you
* Tag six of your favorite bloggers to play along

1. Being included.
2. Sleeping all night. (I wrote this at 4 a.m…. insomnia.)
3. Drinking hot tea with sugar.
4. Comments on my blog. (No pressure! =])
5. Cute clothes that fit.
6. A kitchen stocked with groceries.

Let’s see, I’m going to tag these non-bloggers to write their six unimportant things in the comments field: Lynn, Laurel, Michele, Amy and YOU.


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  1. OH… and also SOooooo unimportant:That we would go on at least ONE camping trip when it doesn't pour down rain and thunderstorm!I'm typing from the Holiday Inn where we are waiting to see if the bad weather passes by! And we are hoping our tent will survive the threat of a tornado! (I scheduled this post to pop up after we left… priorities. =])

  2. Hey Emily! Hope the weather cooperates for you….. the good news is I believe we are suppose to have 4 days of sunshine IN A ROW starting tomorrow….a first for this summer. So this tagging thing, I thought that was a term for identifying people in facebook photos…. 🙂 just kidding….I'm still a blogging virgin. I really should talk to you, because I'm sure there are easier ways of doing things on here that I don't know about… posting photos….I'm really annoyed with that….I'm rambling…I'll send you a private message soon! Have a super (rain free) weekend! 🙂 btw…I'm making your smores recipe next week for friends…yum!

  3. Emily, I really hope the weather cheers up for you! We just got our first rain after a 30 day sunny streak! I don't think I've ever seen sun in June here before. So, don't you think since the rain is back in Seattle that it should leave Chicago?

  4. I hope today's weather has you in camping heaven.Now to my list:1. A meal with my family2. A fun song on the radio3. A surprise diet coke handed to me by a child supporting mommy's "habit"4. Taking the neighbor dog for a walk.5. A good hair day (I know I'm no longer in high school, but a good hair day is still a good hair day!)6. A nice, long sweat-inducing walk.:)Lynn

  5. Hey Emily… hope your camping trip survived!!here's my 6… 1. Kids sleeping in past 7:30am! 2. sunny day to play outside & garden (in my flower beds) 3. unexpected phone call from an old friend. 4. finding $$ in pockets while doing laundry – finders keepers:)! 5. fresh pot of coffee made after sleeping in. 6. the smell of freshly baked bread… mmmm…Have a great rain free weekend!Laurel

  6. Lynn… I'm with you on the good hair day! That one is a must on the "unimportant" list!Laurel… I LOVE money in the laundry! That's how we get paid, right??Thanks for playing along! =]

  7. Here's my list:1. chocolate2. emails from friends for no reason3. hearing my kids laugh (I guess that IS important though….)4. taking a "short" afternoon nap5. when my husband folds the socks in the laundry basket6. sconesMichele

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