so much to say…

You might be assuming right now that the reason I haven’t updated my blog in, oh, about 32 hours is because either a.) I have nothing to write about, or b.) we selected our vacation destination and have left town.

The real answer is c.) I have so darned MANY topics swirling around in my brain I can’t decide which one to write about first.

I mean, I’ve been dying to report to you all about how my affiliation with BlogHer has far exceeded my expectations. I just need to read through my 11-page contract to determine if it’s OK to mention that I have already made way more than the 32 cents a weeks I was projecting.

I also want to tell you about the staring contests that we have here on a daily basis and why they are of serious importance in our household. In fact, this might have to be my next post.

Then, there’s my effort to go through this cluttered abode we lovingly call home and throw away huge bags of garbage on a daily basis. I am hoping that I will uncover an extra bedroom I did not know existed. At the least, I have to find a spot somewhere in our three-bedroom house for one more child.

Oh, and then there’s the space I must uncover for the most unbelievable homeschooling hotspot in northern Illinois. (Please keep in mind that I have a lot of experience in direct sales. And rule No. 1 is that when someone asks how your business is going, you reply, “Unbelievable!” because good or bad, that answer is always true. So, there you go. Now, you also are ready for a career in direct sales.)

And I can’t even believe that I haven’t mentioned yet the elaborate techniques I have developed to avoid being hit in the head by the birds that scream at me during my morning walks. They can taunt me, but I won’t be swayed. I am going to keep walking until my joints start to separate and I can’t make it more than a quarter mile without a bathroom break.

Plus I have book reviews, give-aways and travel updates to reveal.

So, let me ask you, dear bloggy people, which of these UNBELIEVABLE topics do you think I should address first? Or maybe you have an issue of your own you would like to discuss? Please let me know, because, really, it’s not all about me here.

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  1. Hmmmm. Well. ALL of those topics sound delightful. I'm especially intersted in that extra room you are hoping to uncover. ANY topic is good! You could do more than one blog in a day, but then what if you ran out of topics? What would you do then? Can you really ever run out of topics to write about? With kids and ths crazy world we live in, how is it possible that one would run out of blog topics? I presonally don't believe that it is possible, but it is the main reason I don't blog. Then I read a blog by a girl who is in to the slow food movement, and she hasn't blogged since January of this year. I found her topics interesting, but I noticed she didn't get much (if any) feedback. Maybe that's why she stopped blogging; no feedback. That's one of the eight-thousand-four-hundred-sixty-two reasons I don't blog. But I do like to give some feedback!~:)Lynn

  2. Thanks for the comment over at my blog! And I have to say…figs aren't for everyone. They definitely have a "texture"…if you know what I mean. I'm surprised I like them! I wanted to thank you for posting that "Unbelievable!" idea for business…we own our own business…and that is the perfect thing to say! Because you're right…even if it's slow and unsure…that, too, is unbelievable! Perfect!

  3. First, love the Blog! I would suggest the following publishing order – Birds – Staring contest – Travel update – Book Reviews – Give-aways – Addtional space "extra room" – BlogherK

  4. Hey Emily, I'm sure that anything you blog about would be entertaining… you have a talent! However, I think the finding additional space & the staring contest sound the most intruiging… and of course your upcoming travels…Laurel

  5. It's fun to hear what other people think would be interesting! If I do uncover another bedroom in this house, believe me, I WILL post about it here ASAP!

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